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Ever taken a Myers-Briggs Test?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality inventory questionnaire, and it’s often used as part of an overall job/career assessment. Knowing your Myers-Briggs type can help you figure out what careers you’re best suited for, as well as just give you general information about your personality, and your outlook on the world.

Myers-Briggs has 4 dichotomies:

  • Extraversion – Introversion
  • Sensing – Intuition
  • Thinking – Feeling
  • Judgement – Perception

How you score in each of the four dichotomies makes up your overall Myers-Briggs type, which is made up of letters from all four dichotomies. So for example, you’ll hear people refer to themselves as an ESTP or an INTJ.

I took the Myers-Briggs the other day, because the attorney mentioned it, and I realized that I hadn’t taken it since I was in high school. I knew I was an “E” given my super-extroverted nature, but I wasn’t sure about the rest of my type.

If you wanna take the Myers-Brigg, try this one:

So what is Jubi’s type? I’m an ENFP, also known as a Champion, which fits under the Idealist grouping.

Champions are:

  • rare – only 3-4% of the population
  • very in touch with their emotions & the emotions of others
  • view life as a great drama & strive to have new experiences
  • very individualistic
  • often write or speak to share truth & knowledge with others
  • have strong intuitive powers
  • are observers & able to observe/read other people
  • are very good with people & have strong personal relationships
  • are very good in public, especially speaking in public
  • are spontaneous & dramatic

Champions often find careers as a counselor, teacher, writer, journalist, publicists, advertising execs, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

I’d say that my Myers-Briggs type describes me well 😉 I’m extremely extroverted; I draw my energy from other people and I love to socialize with others. I am a very emotional person; as I get older I’ve learned how to rely on my emotional intelligence & intuitions as it relates both my life & also in my dealings with other people. As many of my friend’s know, I’m an inquisitive person, and I love to study other people, either through questions or simply through observation. Spontaneity & the desire to constantly have new experiences are definitely a part of my personality.

As for the careers part, well let’s see…I’m currently I’m a scientist/engineer. Over the past few years (especially the last year) I’ve embraced the writer in me & discovered my voice. And my ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur…looks like all of that fits right in with my personality type.

Have you ever done the Myers-Briggs? What’s your personality type? Does it describe you?


Since I was a child, I’ve loved watching Jeopardy. I’m a bit of a know-it-all, and I have an affinity for amassing random facts & pieces of information that serve me absolutely no purpose except to prove how smart I am. After years of watching the show, I’m convinced that I’m smart enough to be on Jeopardy.

So why haven’t I been on? I’ll tell you why – Jeopardy is a hater #thatswhy.

Ever notice how the questions on Jeopardy seem to be easy? And are you ever amazed at how the contestants miss the most elementary of questions? Or is it just me? #kanyeshrug. Granted some categories, like 19th Century Russian Composers, is just ridiculous & impossible to answer unless you’re a freak of nature. But people who can’t get easy things like state capitals or recent movies, those people bug me.

But that’s not really why Jeopardy is a hater…no Jeopardy is a hater because the questions they put on the show are infinitely easier than the questions they ask in the test to be ON Jeopardy. And I know this because I’ve tried out THREE TIMES, most recently last night (which incidentally sparked this post). Each time that I’ve auditioned for Jeopardy, I’ve been shocked & amazed at how difficult the questions are. They are light-years more difficult than the questions they ask on the television show. Questions about obscure writers, symphonies no one but music majors have heard of, insignificant monarchs from the 17th century…*sigh* It’s as if they pull out their book of the hardest questions ever & throw them into the audition exam.

I get it – the producers want the average American viewer (who let’s be honest, isn’t the brightest bulb in the box) to feel like they’re a genius, so they throw in some softball questions in the show. But do they have to make the audition exam so much more difficult than the actual show? It’s just not fair.

Basically, the true test of your intelligence & ability to recall random facts isn’t how you do when you make on the show; the true test is whether or not you pass the test to get on the show at all. And at this rate, Jubi may not make it. There’s only so many blows to my ego that I can take. I know I’m smart enough to be on Jeopardy, so why are they preventing me from being great?

*shakes fist in anger* I’m too smart for this!!!

Have you ever tried out for Jeopardy? What did you think of the test? Do you think it’s more difficult than the show, or am I just slow?

Testing this scheduling of posts thing…if it works then you’ll see a lot more posts from Jubi. Keep your fingers crossed….


This is just a test, wanna see how blogging on my BB goes.

Does Blogger have a BB app? They need one.

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