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It’s been a pretty good week, which was much-needed after the miserable state that I was in just a few weeks ago. I’m not 100% but I’m feeling better.

So…Five Good Things That Happened In My Life This Week:

*I talked to my dad – may seem like a small thing, but for me it’s a big deal. My father and I were estranged for several years, but we reconnected & buried the hatchet when I was home last summer. Since then we’ve both made an effort to communicate & rebuild our relationship, and I’m very grateful to have my father’s presence in my life. We had a chat this weekend about some of the things I want to accomplish, and he was very supportive & had some great ideas for me.

* My big project is turning out to be a success – I came very close to quitting my job in February – like just packing up my stuff & throwing them the deuces, and this project was a big reason why. It’s been a trainwreck from the very beginning, and it got extremely bad, but since then it has gone much better. I managed to turn the project around & make it work, and now I’m finally getting good results. After all the stress of this project & the numerous hassles & hurdles, I’m proud of myself for making it through this very difficult project & literally kicking its ass.

* My new site is ready to go – I am so super excited to launch the new site next week. I’ve been working with a logo designer to design a logo for the new site, & I absolutely love it. Overall I love everything about the new site & I’m so excited to be blogging over there. This really is the culmination of the change that happened in my writing – I went from mostly random posts & not giving it much thought, to really being invested in my writing, my site & my brand. I hope that you guys love it as much as I do.

* I interviewed for a new job – the same day that I was interviewing technicians to work for me, I had my own interview for a new job. The job would be a promotion & a move into management, but I’m not sure I want it. I don’t want to make another bad move, like I did with my current job, so I don’t want to leap at the first job that comes my way. The interview went very well & they have invited me back for a final interview with the larger team.

*I kicked it with the homies – It’s been a long, cold winter, and I didn’t get to see my friends as much as I wanted to. Now that it’s warming up, we’re doing more activities. I spent some time kicking it with my friends SS & DN & it was good to catch up with them & hang out. It had been awhile, & I really missed them. I can’t wait to have another spring & summer of the antics with those two, plus some of my other friends.

Honorable mention – I reconnected with an old friend. I made a move, & it was received well. Things have picked up like we never were out of contact, & I’m happy about that. I missed my friend.

It’s been a good week. Hopefully next week will be even better ūüėČ


I probably watch more than my fair share of reality tv. What I can say, I grew up on it, beginning with sleazy talk shows, The Real World, and Road Rules. Lately though I’ve been very frustrated with reality tv, and I want 90% of it to go away.

So without further ado…Five Reality Shows That Need To Go Away #posthaste:

*All the Real Housewives franchises – This show was fresh & new with the Orange County cast, entertaining with the NYC cast, and prime gossip fodder with the Atlanta cast. Since then they’ve added New Jersey, DC, Beverly Hills and now Miami. I’ve heard rumblings that a Houston cast in development. What’s next – Real Housewives of Oklahoma City? Come on man! Each cast tries to trump the previous iteration, which means more drama, more gossip, more cat fights, and more importantly, more people trying to pretend to be something they aren’t solely to get a little shine on tv. Folks are being foreclosed on, having cars repossessed, are $20 million in debt, catching cases, and even crashing White House events just so they can be on tv. I call #shenanigans on it all, and I want it all to go away. NOW.

* Maury, Jerry Springer, and any other sleazy talk show still on the air – Remember when you were in like 6th grade & your favorite past-time was to watch fights on shows like Ricki Lake, Maury & Jerry Springer? Yeah….that’s not entertaining anymore. So why is Maury still on? And why the hell does Jerry Springer still have a show, do people even watch it? I’m convinced that Maury is paying folks to pretend on these paternity and lie detector episodes. Every episode is just way too fake. I refuse to believe it’s real, because to do so would eliminate any faith I had in mankind. I need Maury & Jerry to go ahead & hang it up.

* The Real World – how sad is it when the show that started reality tv needs to go away? But it does. I just saw a commercial for the new season (they doing Vegas again – really MTV? Yall couldn’t find anywhere else to do it?) while I was watching Jersey Shore #dontjudgeme and all I do was sigh. Remember when The Real World was interesting, and the people in the house did more than just drink, hook up and fight? Seems like light years ago. The Real World used to show topics that were relevant – homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, abuse, addiction, etc. Remember when the housemates had real jobs, & relationships, & were actually interesting? Now the show has just become a vehicle for people to see fights & random hookups between the housemates & whoever they bring home.

* America’s Next Top Model – *sigh* Tyra, I really do respect your hustle. But damn, can we finally let go of ANTM? How many cycles have there been, 50? Do we really need any more “top models”? Does anyone even still watch? I quit after the season where the plus size girl finally won, that’s Whitney right? This show used to be entertaining, but there’s only so many times where you can do the same thing over & over before you drive your viewers crazy. This show was cute & clever in 2003…now its just boring & dated. Time for a new hustle Tyra. I’m tired of you & the smizing.

* Vh1 & all of their “reality” shows – Yes, the entire channel needs to go away. Vh1 has somehow morphed into staged & skewed reality tv-central, and I detest pretty much every show they have on the air. #Icant with the dating shows, whether its Chad OchoCinco Johnson pretending to look for love or Chili throwing herself at a different man every week. #Ireallycant with the Ex-wives, baby mamas & groupies Basketball Wives or the Football Wives either. It hasn’t aired yet, but I can already tell that the Love & Hip Hop show is gonna be a train wreck. And now they wanna give Carmelo & LaLa another show? Yeah……#no. Vh1 just needs to go off the air completely. I’m tired of their foolishness.

What do you think of my choices? What shows do you think need to go away?

I’m not having a good day.

I’m actually hella¬†annoyed. Its been a long week. I hate my job. So any little thing is liable to set me off. So yes, this is a rant post #dealwithit.

Five Things That Annoy Jubi

*Meetings that go off topic or that I didn’t need to attend in the first place –¬†*sigh* this happens to me all the damn time at work. I have a daily meeting that I have to attend, and at least 3 days out of 5, the agenda isn’t followed and people in the meeting start discussing topics that really should be discussed off-line. This is a meeting that combines various functions/departments, and so when folks start going off-topic & off-agenda, it’s a waste of time for a lot of folks, especially Jubi. Listen ppl, yall may love being at work all day & night & talking about irrelevant topics, but I don’t. Either stay on topic or let me report what I need to report so I can go do something I actually need to do like read blogs & screw around on Twitter run tests & write reports.

*People who read BBM messages and don’t respond – For those who aren’t on #teamblackberry, BBM¬†is Blackberry Messenger, essentially an IM service between Blackberry users. The beauty of this program is that is displays a little “D” when your message is delivered to the recipient’s phone, and a little “R” when the recipient reads your message. So basically, you can know when someone saw your message & is just ignoring you. Now…sometimes that’s not the case, but generally? Yeah it is. If you have time to read my BBM¬†message, especially when I asked a time-sensitive¬†question, then you should have time to dash off a quick response, even it’s just a “let me hit you back in a min, I’m busy”. Ignoring me just makes me wanna delete you from my BBM permanently.

*People on that stupid #teamfollowback on Twitter – sorry folks, I’m not gonna follow you just cause you follow me. There’s a reason why my “followers” list is 3X¬†bigger than my “following” list. If you don’t have anything witty/clever/interesting/etc¬†to say, I’m not gonna follow you. If you don’t ever interact with me, I’m not gonna follow you. Following people & begging them to follow you back is wack & lame. Get over it.

* The people who live in the apartment above me – I swear these folks are either 500 pounds or are actually elephants, because they STOMP every single time they walk. They are the heaviest walkers ever. Like who does that? Especially when they live in an apartment? Don’t you know the person below you can hear all that? Ugh. Granted, its better than the family who lived below me in my old apartment (those little badass kids used to drive me crazy) but all the heavy ass walking is still annoying.

*The chick who parks next to my car¬†in the garage¬†– So I park in the underground garage in my building (best thing ever btw, especially this winter) and the chick who parks next to me can’t park to save her life. So the way its set up, on my right is a pillar & on the left is the chick’s parking space; I’m on her right & on her left is a pillar & also some open space because of the way the garage is designed. Basically I’m sandwiched between¬†two cars & a pillar, while the chick on my left only has my car to deal with, & the pillar on her side, there’s no car on her left. So why does this yamp¬†park directly on the line between¬†our two spaces???? She has all this extra room on the driver’s side of her car, yet she never moves her car over! So I’m forced to park as close to the pillar as possible, and I always end up dinging her passenger side door when I try to get out of my car. Apparently she’s fine with all the dings I’m putting in her door cause she won’t park any better. I need her learn how to park, move out, or move her spot in the garage.

* Honorable mention: People who give unsolicited advice – If I didn’t ASK for your opinion on MY situation, then why are you giving it? STFU & mind your biz. Ugh. What’s even worse than unsolicited advice, is unsolicited advice that 1) doesn’t actually help or 2) is super generic or 3) is one of those things that sounds great but is impossible to do. Yeah….miss me with that.

Typing all that just made me feel a little bit better. I still feel some kinda way tho, but that’s another post for another day.

What annoys you? Let me know!

If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, you probably are a Sephora Beauty Insider. In case you aren’t, its Sephora’s rewards program – each $1 you spend is a point which you can redeem for products. The great thing about the program is that at the end of the year, Sephora sends out a giftcard which you can use on anything in the store. The amount varies depending on how much you spent during the year, but the minimum giftcard is $15.

I love love love Sephora & I spend way too much in there, but that’s ok. Every lady needs pretty things in her life.

So…the hard part is figuring out what to get with my giftcard! I took a look at Sephora’s website to figure out what looked interesting since the last time I was there (which was last weekend #dontjudgeme).

Let’s see…first this looks interesting, it’s the Sephora by OPI 18 Piece Mini Nail Colour Set.

I haven’t really spoken of it here, but I love love love the Sephora by OPI polishes. I have at least 15 of them, no joke. The colors are brilliant & long-lasting, and they have a great selection of shades. This mini set would be great for anyone who has a hard time selecting colors, and at $48 its a great deal, considering that the full-size bottles are $9 a pop. If you aren’t ready for 18 mini bottles, there’s also this set which is 6 full-size Sephora by OPI bottles, for $42.

Next up is the Sephora Collection Flashy Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil Set.

This is a set of 7 eyeliner pencils in various glittery shades. I actually got several of these pencils last year and loved them, and couldn’t believe I didn’t get the set. They glide on easily, smudge well, and really make your eyes pop. I actually got this set last week, and I highly recommend it. At $20, you will have to purchase something else to use the giftcard, but trust me, its worth it.

If fragrances are more your speed, there’s the Burberry Brit Sheer Gift Set.


This set includes the eau de parfum spray, body wash and body lotion, all in the 3.3 oz size. I know several of the homies love this scent and so do I. It’s very sexy and not over-powering, which is important to me. If you’re not a fan of scented body washes & lotions, you can alway pick up just the eau de toilette.

I’m sure some of you are makeup novices, or maybe a bit overwhelmed by all the amazing products available at Sephora. Or maybe you want to branch out & try some new products, but you’re not sure where to start. Well Sephora has that covered, with their Sephora Favorites sets. These are sets that combine a variety of products which you can try. There are several kits available, check them all out here.

I think I’m going to check out the LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler.

This set comes with a Tarte eyelash curler and 10 different mascaras. I’ve been looking to switch up my mascara, so this would be perfect for me, and at $40 its a great deal.

Don’t forget, Sephora isn’t just a great place for cosmetics and fragrances, they also carry a wide array of skin & hair products as well. For you ladies who are looking for a new skincare product or regimen, check out your local Sephora. You can get samples of all the products to test out before you commit, and even after you do, you can always return any purchase to Sephora at anytime.

If I wasn’t being so fiscally conservative, I’d invest in the Clairsonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System.

I’ve read rave reviews about the Clairsonic products on various blogs and message boards, and I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while. Clairsonic brushes use sonic technology to gently cleanse your skin, exfoliating & cleansing pores.¬† The Mia is really great because its smaller than the original Clairsonic brush, which makes it perfect for travel. This set includes the brush, charger, brush head, and gentle cleanser. At $149 its less pricey than the full-size Clairsonic brush.

This is just a taste of all that Sephora has to offer. Hit your local store or and pick yourself up some goodies!

Are you a Sephora junkie like me? What do you plan to get with your giftcard?

Its been almost a year since I left Orlando (also referred to as the seventh circle of Hell & the capital of family fun) and moved back to the Twin Cities.¬† I’m extremely happy that I got to move back to a place I love & get out of a place I didn’t like.¬† But there a few things that I miss about Orlando, even though I didn’t care for it as a place to live overall.

Five Things I Miss About Orlando

*Cheap flights – living in a tourist destination means there are a lot of airlines & flights to choose from, as well as a variety of destinations, especially nonstop destinations.¬† I got super spoiled being able to hop a flight at a moment’s notice for dirt cheap.¬† Now that I’m back in Mpls, finding a decently priced flight is like finding a stripper who is a virgin – pretty much¬†impossible.

*The great restaurants I discovered – Thanks to Restaurant Mafia, I had built a list of great local restaurants in Central Florida that I loved to visit.¬† One thing I love is good food, and after some exploring I discovered that Orlando had plenty of it.¬† I had a go-to list of great places; whenever I was in the mood for Cuban, Thai, sushi, Italian, etc I had a place to go.¬† Mpls has great restaurants too, but I haven’t built up my go-to list yet (though I’m working on it).

*My old job – I knew my old job had some perks, but I didn’t really appreciate them until I left.¬† I used to work a 9/80 schedule, so I had every other Friday off.¬† I wasn’t required to work overtime, and I didn’t have to take vacation time to do things like go to the doctor.¬† I had a boss that didn’t really care what I did as long as my work got done & data went out.¬† My phone worked in my office & I could be on Twitter & BBM all day. *sigh* I’m still happy that I left – my new job has taught me new skills & it got me out of Florida. But if I could have moved out of Florida AND kept my old job, I would have.

*My circle of friends – It took some time, but I developed a great group of friends in Orlando & I miss hanging out with them. A big part of my circle were my friends from Restaurant Mafia, the dinner group I joined & later helped run. I also made some great friends at my job, like my homie LM.¬† I also became close to a good soror there & met some cool folks through her. Since I moved, LM has come to visit twice, but I haven’t been back to Florida yet to see the rest of the homies, I need to rectify that.

*The shopping opportunities – I know that I’m on restriction & I’ve been good…but there’s no way restriction would have lasted so long in Florida.¬† In Orlando there are two great outlet malls, Prime & Premium (and they both have the same stores pretty much, they are just on opposite ends of International Drive). Those were my go-to destinations for Coach, Michael Kors (I REALLY miss that outlet store), Gap, Banana Republic, Aldo, etc. The outlet in St. Augustine is home to one of the few Gucci outlets, which I loved as well. And then there were several great “regular” malls, including Florida Mall and Mall of Millenia. Yeah…I’d be in TROUBLE if I was still in Florida…tho my handbag collection would be much more fabulous than it is now *sigh* That’s ok, being good is better for my overall bottom line.

So I had the hardest time coming up with a Friday Fives post this week.¬† I had some ideas earlier in the week & I should have written then, cause by Thursday night I was just so “blah” about blogging.¬† I didn’t want to skip a Friday Five though, so here we go…

Five Random Things On My Mind

* Getting my financial life together – I’ve talked before about how I needed to corral my spending & get more serious about my finances.¬† And I’m finally doing it.¬† And its killing me!¬† I want some new boots so bad, but I’m being a good girl.¬† I realized I haven’t bought a new handbag in months; great for my wallet, bad for my collection.¬† But no worries, I’m staying the fiscally conservative course, for now.¬† The only things I will be buying this fall are a plane ticket home, a new television for the living room, and maybe new clothes for work as I need them.¬† I plan to downsize to a smaller apartment, sell as much of the extra stuff in my house, and I’m saving as much as I can.

* I want to go back to Vegas – no, I don’t need another vacation.¬† I want to see a special person.¬† *sigh* Long distance is hard.¬† I’m big on affection, sharing space, etc and the distance is preventing all of that right now.¬† But the distance is also helping to keep things going at a slower pace, which is something I need right now.¬† The biggest thing I’ve learned is that liking someone or caring about them isn’t enough.¬† This isn’t high school where you liked a guy & that’s all you needed to go with him (ha, remember that?).¬† Grown-up relationships take more work & they can be much more complicated.¬† I haven’t really tried to be in a relationship in a long time, so its like I’m learning all over again.

* Still thinking about school – I went to an info session a couple weeks ago for the Master’s in HR program at the University of Minnesota.¬† Seems like I’d be able to get in, the question is can I get funding from the dept?¬† I don’t want to add to my student loan debt, so I’m only going back to school if I can get someone to pay for it.¬†¬† So I’ll be studying for the GRE & working on my application.

* Its Fall! – yall have no idea how excited I am to see my first fall in about 4 years.¬† The seasons don’t really change in Central Florida, which I missed.¬† Here in Minnesota the weather has changed (cold at night, perfect during the day), the leaves are turning, and I’m loving it.¬† I even had my first (and only) caramel apple of the season last week, which always signals fall to me.

* I wanna have a Halloween party – or at least go to one.¬† Last year I didn’t even dress up, but this year I will.¬† I have no idea what my costume should be though, any suggestions?

Alright readers,, what random stuff is going on with you?  Thoughts on my random life?

I love gadgets & technology.¬† Sadly, my pocketbook does not, hence why I have a “gadget wish list” in the first place.¬† Hopefully I can start adding these to my collection – and if anyone wants to help me out, I’m taking donations! LOL

Five Gadgets On My Wish List

iPod Touch 64G

I’ve been wanting a new iPod for a while, and the iPod Touch has been calling my name.¬† Sadly, I can’t justify buying a new iPod when my 32G Classic is still going strong, 4 years after I bought it.¬† But the minute it goes out or I luck up on a GREAT discount, I’m copping the 64G iPod Touch #trustme.


My good friend LM got a Kindle months ago, and when she came to visit I got a chance to check it out.¬† I gotta say, its super cute & looks very convenient.¬† I’m a bibliophile & will never give up books completely, but the various e-readers on the market are very cool & have some perks.¬† I haven’t decided on which one I want, between the Kindle, Nook & Sony E-Reader, but after some research & whatnot, I’m sure I’ll choose the best one to fit my needs.

Roku Player

I’ve discussed before how I want to stop giving Comcast all my $$$, and I think the Roku player is gonna help me get there.¬† Basically its a little box that lets you stream content from various sources, the most common being Netflix, Hulu & Pandora.¬† It doesn’t download content, it streams it.¬† I pretty much only have my cable so I can watch football, but come Jan/Feb, Roku & I are gonna be getting down.

Blu-Ray Player

Yes, I realize that I’m behind the times.¬† Yall have to realize that it took me forever to switch over completely to DVDs.¬† So yes, its taken me some time figure out that I need to get on this Blu-Ray thing.¬† Seems like its here to stay, so I need to do some research on players.¬† Any recommendations?

Blackberry Bold smartphone

I’m already on #teamblackberry, but I need a new one.¬† Right now Im working with the Blackberry Tour, and I can’t wait until Dec so that I can get a new phone.¬† Granted, the Bold isn’t much different from the Tour – the only difference between the phones is the Bold has a trackpad & Wifi.¬† But hey, those are important!

Are you into gadgets?¬† Do you have a wishlist, & if you do, what’s on yours? Copped anything recently?¬† Let me know!

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