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Is It Spring Yet?

Posted on: March 22, 2011

Isn't it pretty?

It’s been one long-ass winter! The first snow hit Minneapolis at the beginning of November, and I swear it snowed every week! Just snow on top of snow on top of snow…not that I got a snow day or anything this year *sigh*. The worst part about this winter was that I had no one to keep me warm or entertain me during those numerous blizzards.

Minneapolis is the type of city that is just a joy in the spring & summer. It is a beautiful city to socialize in. See that picture up there? That’s really what it looks like in the spring, and I love love love it. Trees & flowers are in full bloom, bright green grass, birds are chirping, all that stuff. As it gets warmer, people come out of hibernation & really start to be social again. The rooftops & patios open, the lakes are packed with people, and every weekend there’s a festival or other outdoor social activity.

I’m definitely looking forward to another active spring & summer in Mpls. Last summer I practically lived on rooftops & patios, and at the various lakes in the Twin Cities. After a long cold never-ending winter, spring is more than overdue.

Are you looking forward to the spring? What are you looking forward to?


5 Responses to "Is It Spring Yet?"

Oh, how pretty! ATL is getting that pretty Spring look too. Kind of makes this cold as hell winter worth it.

That’s the ONE thing I miss about Mpls. It’s absolutely gorgeous in spring and summer. Being outdoors is a joy and the culture and resturants were top notch.

But I’m happy to be back home. I have on a dress and open toes today and it’s not even April yet!

[…] I think I jinxed us all with that spring post yesterday. […]

Yes that picture does look nice.

I love spring & winter…can wait to hit the beach!!

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