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The Old-New Friend

Posted on: March 17, 2011

How many of you have an old-new friend?

Aight, I guess I should explain. An old-new friend is a friend that you had years ago, and for whatever reason yall lost touch, stopped talking, grew apart, etc. But after some time, you rediscover each other again & the friendship begins anew. It’s not a continuation of the friendship you had before, there is a new dynamic, and it’s almost as if you’re getting to know each other for the first time.

Over the past year I’ve rekindled some old friendships, but I have two old-new friends. In both friendships, we were more acquaintances than friends. After some time & maturity on both parts, these friendships have grown into relationships that I enjoy & appreciate. I was pondering why this hadn’t happened years ago, when I realized that it simply wasn’t time. I know I wasn’t in a place to truly be friends with either of these people, and I’m sure they weren’t either. And with one friend, I had to grow as a person and get out of “the Black people box” for me to really appreciate them for who they are.

Having an old-new friend is pretty cool. You have a certain level of familiarity with them, yet you’re discovering a new person, and so are they. You’re starting over, but with someone you’re already familiar with. Getting to know someone over again, seeing the person they’ve grown into & their new level of maturity…fun. And seeing the changes in another person shows me just how much I’ve changed as well. I’m light-years away from the person I used to be, and I appreciate those who have allowed me to grow into a new person without holding my past against me.

I wonder if any of my defunct friendships can start anew, if just given time & the chance for both parties to grow & mature.

I hope so.

Have you ever experienced the old-new friend phenomenon? If an old acquaintance came back into your life, would you get to know them again?


5 Responses to "The Old-New Friend"

I don’t know if this counts, but here goes. I have reconnected with a classmate from the 9th grade. We had a couple of classes together, yet we never spoke to one another or even held a conversation. However, through Facebook we reconnected and now are getting to know one another as friends. Which is strange because we both remember each other, but couldn’t explain why we never even spoke to one another…so, we both just chalked it up to us being young and immature, plus being from the opposite sex didn’t help the situation either…However, now that we are older and more mature those things that hindered us from getting to know each other in school are no longer there.

yeah that has happened to me a number of times but i think even in the occurance i wasnt truly ready for the purpose of the re-connections (read my comment on male/female friendships on your last post) so i kinda circumvented rules and purposes and things didnt go probably as they should have, but we still are cool til this day

I can’t say I’ve had this happen to me. I usually move on from people and never look back. I always end up finding new people to fill those empty spots. I’m not against the idea though, it just never seems to happen in my life.

I have an old new friend right now that I am enjoying. It is fun to be able to explore the friendship in a mature/different light.

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