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Getting Closer To Quitting

Posted on: March 8, 2011

Yes this is another post about my job.

Everyday I come home miserable. I try to minimize the amount of time I spend at work. I job hunt every night. And the damn situation just keeps getting worse.

So I have a ridiculous number of projects on my plate because my company, or at least the part of the company that I work for, is too cheap to hire another chemist, even thought that’s really what we need. There is absolutely no way that I can get everything done without working 80 days, and I refuse to give them more than 40, so there’s a lot of stuff that just doesn’t get done, because I don’t have time.

About six months into my tenure at the job, I was given the assignment of Project X. Project X is an analytical test method that is supposed to be implemented at my site, by me. I’d love to give some details on this thing, but in an effort to not be sued I’ll try to stay as general as possible. Basically, someone else sat on this project until I got hired, and I think they did it on purpose because they knew this thing was gonna be a trainwreck. I have zero background in the subject matter, the people who do are non-responsive, and so far all I’ve gotten are incomplete instructions/procedures and incorrect calculations. My boss is now hands-on involved in this whole mess because her bosses are breathing down her neck, and at every turn she’s telling me where I fucked up. Well, its real easy to fuck up when you absolutely no help, incorrect instructions, and unresponsive subject matter experts.

As of today, Project X is my #1 priority. My entire slate of projects have been either pushed or reassigned to other people. I am literally chained to this project in the lab & will be so until its working & validated…at that time I’ll be able to train a technician to do it.

Yall have no idea how much my desire to quit has intensified. I’d love nothing more than to tell these folks “I fucking quit! Deuces” and bounce. I don’t want to remain professional & not burn bridges. I fucking hate this job, I hate what these people have put me through, and I hate that I fell for this stupid bait-and-switch in the first place. This is NOT what I was told I’d be doing, and had I known, I would have kept my ass in Florida. I’d be enjoying warm weather, outlet malls, & good food with LM right now. But noooooooooooooo, my ass had to want to leave & stuff, and now here I am. One step away from either snapping & quitting, or losing my mind & ending up on a 72hour hold.

I wonder if my mom would let me move home if I quit my job….


10 Responses to "Getting Closer To Quitting"

Hang in there, chica. I’ve been there. Whatever you do, don’t let them break you down. No job is worth your sanity.

You know good and damn well you do NOT want to move back here. Time for you to make an exit plan and stop letting these folx get to you. All you can do is all you can do and while you’re there, make the most of it and MAXIMIZE your time.

this was me last year…

I had been doing the same job for about 9 years…then they decided to completely change my job…what they did was make 2 full time jobs 1 full time job with no additional headcount. This caused folks to work 70 and 80 hours a week – no lie. folks were working day and night…

I myself had worked until 11 and 12 at night…the only good thing…I was able to work at home those hours…others weren’t…many people were in the office until 1 or 2 in the morning or later…

hell i was looking for a job while at work…I was miserable…my son was looking at my cross-eyed cause I was working so much…he hated that…

I was praying and praying and I had friends and family praying

my attitude was much like yours…I didn’t give a rats ass about that place…

and I think that was part of my delay in getting out…

my attitude was real wrong

I stopped looking at the job as a blessing…

regardless of how much I hated it…I was still blessed to have a job…especially with not having a degree and where I live (Ohio)…

so I started looking at it differently…

I started realizing how much I was blessed

but I also took their BS as a challenge…

They were dumping more work on me than should be legal lol

plus they overlooked me for a promotion that they know I deserved…

but I wasn’t going to let them play me stupid…I wasn’t going to get beat by them…

so I worked, hard and tried my best to maintain the same level of professionalism I’ve always maintained…

and it seemed with that attitude change…God realized I “got it”

and now I’m sitting at a new job that I freaking LOVE!

my new place of employment is so awesome…

I go home on time most days…and if I do stay late it’s no more than an hour…and that’s probably because I’m still learning some new processes…

so I understand your frustration, I’ve been there baby girl…

but you have got to check this attitude at the door sweetie…

you got to keep on pushing forward with the blessing that you have…

things will get better…when you get your mind and heart right…

hope this all makes sense…

I believe you are speaking to more people than Jubilance. You spoke to me as it relates to other areas of my life. I want to have the “God seeing I got it” moment.


Thank you for this post. Really needed it for my current job situation.

Look at the situation and determine what will happen if you make a change. If you quit, where will you go? Where will you live? Do you have enough saved to float long enough to find a new job? Beyond that, will you have to move to find another job? Everybody’s situation is different…and only you can decide your next move.

Looking at the current situation. They will either keep you there working on that project and pay you to fail for the long term or fire you. Seems to me that getting paid sounds better. If they fire you down the road, at least the money was still coming in. I would stick it out and make every attempt to get some emergency funds (dave ramsey) set aside in case thing change for the worse. Cut your expenses and make the move when you know you can.

Of course, you’re mom would/will let you come home….ANYTIME. But, first really analyze what Beth had to say. I agree with her comments. This game of life and all that it encompasses is neither fair nor easy. But you have a good head on your shoulders and there is “light at the end of the tunnel.” Please don’t let the corporate folks break you completely down. Stay prayful and positive…do what you can in the 8 hrs during work and leave it (mentally) for the next work day. This may be a test that God is putting you through to see how you handle adversity. We’re all “tested” in some shape, form or fashion in life. Don’t let the devil destroy your joy. This unfortuante situate you’re currently experiencing will pass. Look at this situation as “half full” instead of “half empty.” You never know what “reward” you will obtain from this experience.

keep changing it up until you dont have to settle anymore. life is too short to spend any considerable amount of time in a miserable state.

I really want to thank all of you for the kinds words today, I read them during my brief lunch break & I truly appreciate the support.

Beth, a special thank you for sharing your story *hugs*

OK Jubilance
I had a two car crashes, I couldn’t move
but now I’m working two jobs, side by side,
and it is very good
to have everybody around yourself like you want them to be, you must change you first.
As I see you are youn, pretty, good looking lady, and you can build your own world
So, do it

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