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Finally A Black Film That Doesn’t Have Tyler Perry Or A Black Man In Drag

Posted on: February 28, 2011

Can we talk about how much Jubi hates Black Hollywood right now? Remember back in the day when we had good or at least decent Black films? During the days of Boomerang, Love Jones, The Best Man, heck even Brown Sugar? What happened to all the cute Black comedies/rom-coms that were successful? The only one I can remember is Just Wright & it did less-than stellar numbers at the box office. Sadly every Black film lately either has Tyler Perry attached (and yall know I can’t stand him! UGH) or a Black man in drag (cue the latest installment of the Big Momma’s House series *sigh*).

The trailer for this new film Jumping the Broom has been released, and I’m so excited! Finally a Black film that doesn’t have any Black men in drag, no shucking & jiving for the camera, and most importantly, NO TYLER PERRY! Looks like a great cast, I love love love Angela Bassett, plus Paula Patton, Laz Alonzo, and Lorettta Devine. That non-acting Megan Good is in this film, but I suppose that’s ok.

Now, all yall better go see it! Let’s support our films!

Here’s the trailer in case you missed it:

Will you being seeing Jumping The Broom?


5 Responses to "Finally A Black Film That Doesn’t Have Tyler Perry Or A Black Man In Drag"

Let me say I liked it, maybe I gave it extra points cause TP wasnt affiliated with it . Loretta and Angela
did their thing like vets do , Epps was actually funny, and Patton was sexy.
Please support when it comes out! I got to see a screening in the beginning of February.

black hollywood doesnt have any quality young male actors. let me rephrase this, quality young male actors that i like besides anthony mackie. black men are failing in their delivery in hollywood. i know with this film there is an all star cast of women and just your average filler with the men. harsh but true.

No i will not be going to see this

I plan to go see this movie…maybe make it a girls night out…I do love Tyler Perry though!! 😀 I always support Tyler he’s truly an inspiration for me & he does tremendous work in the community.

Black Hollywood just needs a revamp period…there is always a new male face hardly any new female faces….(I’m an actress myself so not seeing new black females is not that great). We need more black directors/producers that create great content to employ our black actors/actresses and that bring some FRESHNESS to the scene…unfortunately black hollywood is a little stale!

LOL… Too funny

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