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Its Valentine’s Day and Jubi Has No Valentine :-(

Posted on: February 14, 2011

These are probably the only flowers I'm getting today...

Confession: Jubi hasn’t had a Valentine in several years. Like since 2008…I think. Yeah, that sounds about right. I miss Valentine’s Day festivities.

I’m not one of those women who gets super caught up in Valentine’s Day…I won’t be acting like Jessica Biel in the movie Valentine’s Day – gorging on candy & throwing an “I Hate V-Day” party. Normally it’s just another day for me. I remember last year, I spent my day finishing my braids & then took a trip to Target, where I laughed at all the men buying those last minute gifts.

Seriously though…it would be nice to have a sweetie. Not just for one day, but in my life 365.

I miss being in love. Having that companionship. That closeness. The emotions. All of that.


I told FS last week that I’m tired of dating. It’s not fun anymore. And I meant it. I wanna settle down, but apparently settling down doesn’t want me.

Anyway, no whining today.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


7 Responses to "Its Valentine’s Day and Jubi Has No Valentine :-("

truthfully its just another day. no whining, go to happy hour and celebrate being single. because sometimes its fun to have options

That’s a good point…happy hour sounds like a good idea.

It’s another day for me too. I’ve never gotten into it.

But I’m celebrating me today and cooking myself a special dinner.

I do miss having that someone special in my life. And I’m believing that’s going to all change for me. So I’m opening myself up to receiving it.

I love that you’re open…*hugs*

There was a time where I had some appreciation for vday. Guess it was cool when your young, but romance and romantic things come and go, fade with time…its the other 364 days…the friendship that will make the biggest impact in your life

Don’t fret, Jubi. It’s just another day that Hallmark and companies make extra dough on. It will pass in a few more hours and it will be Tuesday.

I didn’t have one but I don’t care..the few times I did have one sucked so whatever.

I’ve never been in love before but I’m looking forward to that lovely day.

and Jubi dear, never, ever, ever ever say or even think “I wanna settle down, but apparently settling down doesn’t want me.”, again!! Ha!! You just might get what you ask for!

It’s okay to whine…I do it too sometimes after running into a knucklehead of a man…

But on a serious note….your thoughts and words are very powerful…I’ve been single for a while and I do want to get married and all that good stuff….and even though I have yet to meet anyone close to ideal…I don’t let negative things about my situation, relationships and/or men come out of my mouth and if I think it i replace that thought with something more on the lines of what I expect and want.

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