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Five Things That Annoy Jubi

Posted on: February 11, 2011

I’m not having a good day.

I’m actually hella annoyed. Its been a long week. I hate my job. So any little thing is liable to set me off. So yes, this is a rant post #dealwithit.

Five Things That Annoy Jubi

*Meetings that go off topic or that I didn’t need to attend in the first place – *sigh* this happens to me all the damn time at work. I have a daily meeting that I have to attend, and at least 3 days out of 5, the agenda isn’t followed and people in the meeting start discussing topics that really should be discussed off-line. This is a meeting that combines various functions/departments, and so when folks start going off-topic & off-agenda, it’s a waste of time for a lot of folks, especially Jubi. Listen ppl, yall may love being at work all day & night & talking about irrelevant topics, but I don’t. Either stay on topic or let me report what I need to report so I can go do something I actually need to do like read blogs & screw around on Twitter run tests & write reports.

*People who read BBM messages and don’t respond – For those who aren’t on #teamblackberry, BBM is Blackberry Messenger, essentially an IM service between Blackberry users. The beauty of this program is that is displays a little “D” when your message is delivered to the recipient’s phone, and a little “R” when the recipient reads your message. So basically, you can know when someone saw your message & is just ignoring you. Now…sometimes that’s not the case, but generally? Yeah it is. If you have time to read my BBM message, especially when I asked a time-sensitive question, then you should have time to dash off a quick response, even it’s just a “let me hit you back in a min, I’m busy”. Ignoring me just makes me wanna delete you from my BBM permanently.

*People on that stupid #teamfollowback on Twitter – sorry folks, I’m not gonna follow you just cause you follow me. There’s a reason why my “followers” list is 3X bigger than my “following” list. If you don’t have anything witty/clever/interesting/etc to say, I’m not gonna follow you. If you don’t ever interact with me, I’m not gonna follow you. Following people & begging them to follow you back is wack & lame. Get over it.

* The people who live in the apartment above me – I swear these folks are either 500 pounds or are actually elephants, because they STOMP every single time they walk. They are the heaviest walkers ever. Like who does that? Especially when they live in an apartment? Don’t you know the person below you can hear all that? Ugh. Granted, its better than the family who lived below me in my old apartment (those little badass kids used to drive me crazy) but all the heavy ass walking is still annoying.

*The chick who parks next to my car in the garage – So I park in the underground garage in my building (best thing ever btw, especially this winter) and the chick who parks next to me can’t park to save her life. So the way its set up, on my right is a pillar & on the left is the chick’s parking space; I’m on her right & on her left is a pillar & also some open space because of the way the garage is designed. Basically I’m sandwiched between two cars & a pillar, while the chick on my left only has my car to deal with, & the pillar on her side, there’s no car on her left. So why does this yamp park directly on the line between our two spaces???? She has all this extra room on the driver’s side of her car, yet she never moves her car over! So I’m forced to park as close to the pillar as possible, and I always end up dinging her passenger side door when I try to get out of my car. Apparently she’s fine with all the dings I’m putting in her door cause she won’t park any better. I need her learn how to park, move out, or move her spot in the garage.

* Honorable mention: People who give unsolicited advice – If I didn’t ASK for your opinion on MY situation, then why are you giving it? STFU & mind your biz. Ugh. What’s even worse than unsolicited advice, is unsolicited advice that 1) doesn’t actually help or 2) is super generic or 3) is one of those things that sounds great but is impossible to do. Yeah….miss me with that.

Typing all that just made me feel a little bit better. I still feel some kinda way tho, but that’s another post for another day.

What annoys you? Let me know!


6 Responses to "Five Things That Annoy Jubi"

Defnitely feel you on #teamfollowback & Meetings that go off topic. I work w/ a lot of non blacks so a lot of time they talk about stuff I cant relate to, let me be so I can do something else… *Hugs*

Man, I’m the only “other” at my daily meeting & the constant off-topic stuff is driving me nuts! Maybe its a 2520 thing?

Thanks for the hugs mama…

Very interesting. I have one user on BBM and she currently hates my guts. I don’t want to delete her just in case she decides to sober up and admit she was wrong. As for that apartment thing. Been there done that. Add a dog into the mix and a squeaky bed. That and one of them running to the bathroom after sex.

That would drive me nuts & I’d be cussing some folks out if I had to deal with all that noise.

i’m also very annoyed by the #teamfollowback ish. when i see that on my timeline i call them out and let them know they are going to lose a follower if they continute.

i also don’t like misspelled words. not everyone has to be a spelling bee champ but you should know that the word “dumb” has a “b” in it while you’re calling someone else dumb on twitter. this is very irritating to me.

i’m also annoyed by my neighbor across the street from me. true i live in the hood (i want to live as close to my school as possible) but it doesn’t have to look like the hood. my street is actually pretty calm. old folks and working class people except them. i don’t like walking out my house and seeing empty beer and liquor bottles in my front yard. keep that sh*t over there. smh

Luckily I don’t follow ppl who do that #teamfollowback crap but I have ppl who follow me & then try to shame me into following them via @ reply….yeah….that doesn’t work on me.

I feel you on the spelling, I’m not a spelling bee champ but I at least make an attempt to spell words correctly when I tweet.

Neighbors suck sometimes…I’d be mad at seeing their crap in my yard too.

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