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Jubi’s Question Of The Day

Posted on: February 3, 2011

You’re a personal blogger.

You meet someone & they know that you’re a personal blogger from the beginning.

You guys start dating & it gets serious. During the relationship, you blog about your SO & about your relationship. Your SO is fine with you writing about your relationship and about them.

You & your SO get married.

Would you stop blogging about them & the relationship at that point?

If your spouse asked you to not blog about them & the relationship now that you are married, would you comply?

If your spouse was the blogger, would you want them to not write about you &  your marriage?


5 Responses to "Jubi’s Question Of The Day"

If I was inclined to write about our private life before marriage, and she was cool with it, why would I stop if she never asked me to stop? It would be business as usual.

If she asks me to stop after we got married, I’d consider her request and probably either stop altogether or try to reach a compromise with her to reduce the amount of personal info I disclose. More than likely, I’d comply with her request.

If she asks me not to disclose the details of our relationship (and subsequent marriage, if it got that far)…well, if I wanted to be with her, I’d comply or reach some kind of compromise. If I was more concerned with not limiting my ability to blog about my personal life, I’d stop seeing her and seek out a partner who was ok w/ me discussing our private affairs in a blog.

If the situation was reversed, I’d either ask to see what my wife wrote before she wrote it and get final say, or I’d flat out ask her not to share anything (and would have made this request even before getting married). More than likely the latter.

I can’t even imagine being a personal blogger b/c I take having privacy to a new level.
I would have a serious issue if my SO was writing about our relationship on his blog…especially if that was the way I found out about things in the relationship. But I would also make it known while we’re dating. Because it’s really about respect…my SO respecting the fact that I’m very private.
Now could he write about a gift exchange, our outings and/or a trip? Sure. Just don’t share what should remain between the two in the relationship – his and my feelings/thoughts as it relates to the relationship and our intimate moments. Though he’s a personal blogger, he should not write about those. And hopefully if he wants to be with me (or marry me), he would respect that side of me.

Don’t be writing about me from the jump…keeps a lot of confusion down.

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I don’t feel comfortable blogging about my relationship as it is.

If I did, and he asked me to stop, I have enough respect for him not to do it. My relationship is more important to me than writing about it in public.

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