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Your Thoughts On This Scenario?

Posted on: February 1, 2011

You’re a personal blogger. You write about your life & the people in it.

Someone in your life says they don’t want to be in your blog at all – no name, no initials, not even allusions to convos or things you’ve done together.

This person has a pretty big role in your life & it may get bigger.

What do you do? How do you write about what’s going on in your life while still respecting your friend’s wishes?


12 Responses to "Your Thoughts On This Scenario?"

You take them out completely. They do have that right. It sucks but they are entitled.

I agree with BR. Of course, me being the stinker I am, I woulda blogged about it like you just did. *snort*

respect their wishes. this has happened to me and i respected her wishes. if you want them to continue to be a part of your life then you should do what they say.

Shrug at them and tell them to deal with it. I mean being a writer is about writing about you and your characters. Being a blogger takes that a step further to writing about YOU a lot and YOUR adventures. They either need to recognize what they are getting into or bounce. It would be different if you can’t tell the difference between their private moments or were saying hurtful things or even super embarrassing things, but you have a right to tell your story about YOU.

How authentic is the blog going to be if one has to act like an influential part of their life doesn’t exist?

I’m pretty sure I probably wouldn’t honor the request…then again I don’t share my blog with the people that I interact with for a reason. I want to be able to say what I want when I want.

I completely agree with everyone else’s sentiments. If a person chooses to associate with you, to have a relationship with you, or what ever else, a person should oblige that simple request. It’s a matter of respect in the long run. If you truly value that person and care how they feel, then it’s a no brainer.

You respect their wishes and leave that aspect of your life out of your blogging.

Not trying to be smartassed, but why would that be a hard thing to do? You don’t have to intimate every bit of minutiae about your life, especially if it involves people who wish to be private.

That’s just my take on it.

I suppose it depends on how you handle your blog. If its your place to discuss person things including them, then they should realize that there is a possibility of it happening. Now if you choose to censor, then that’s also on you. However, I would definitely take their feelings into consideration and respect our relationship by not discussing it all. I guess it comes down to a judgement call.

it sucks but some things are just not meant to be in your blog but in a private diary i purposely don’t blog about certain events because even though my blog is personal i don’t want to put all my bizness out in the blogosphere!

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