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Blogging Was Easy When No One Read It

Posted on: January 24, 2011

Sometimes I think moving my blog over to WordPress was the worst thing I’ve ever done with it.

When I was on Blogger, I wasn’t really concerned with site stats, or hits, or even how many comments I got. I could just write & be carefree. I wrote when I felt like it, when I hd something to share or say, when I felt inspired. Sometimes I wrote everyday, and then I would go months & then come back when I felt like it.

Since I’ve had the blog on WordPress, I’ve been so wrapped up in the “site stats” link on my dashboard. Its become like an obsession. I can see exactly how many people stop by, where they came from, what they clicked on, what they read, etc. And its drives me nuts. Part of it is because I feel like a failure – I’ve been writing for a while & yet I get no love. Part of it is because I feel like there are blogs that aren’t as good who write crap yet they get tons of groupies folks hitting their posts everyday. Mostly I just feel like I’m way to wrapped up in what’s going on with my blog, specifically with who isn’t reading it & why.

I know blogging isn’t a competition…but I still feel like a failure at it, solely because of who or who doesn’t read. If I wanted to talk to myself I’d just solely write in  my journal. Its disheartening to put time & energy into something & to have no one appreciate it or give you feedback.

I need to do better. I need to not care so much. It was so much easier when I didn’t care. I wanna go back to being carefree with the blog, & not being so caught up in it.


19 Responses to "Blogging Was Easy When No One Read It"

Can you see who looks through RSS or does it just show site visits? Cause I hardly ever go to sites anymore.

And I appreciate the blogging… I like that you do it consistently now… makes me feel better about not blogging any more.

I don’t think I can see RSS hits, just whoever comes to the actual site.

You totally gave up on blogging but I love you anyway.

I love your blog. You’re a wonderful writer. Don’t stop and keep it up for us lurkers.

You lurkers are the reason why I feel like no one’s reading! At least say hi once in a while.

So… You’re leaving wordpress?

I may. Some things I want to do I can’t do using WordPress.

Sorry, I know you don’t want to care, but I just had to say that I read your blog entry and liked it.

I was obsessed with stats for awhile, but eventually the fever died down. Sometimes I log in and don’t even look at the box. I only notice if I have a HUGE spike.

I don’t know if differs from self-hosted as far as the dashboard goes, but I am able to move boxes around on my dashboard. I wonder if minimizing the box and moving it further down to where you don’t see it as soon as you log in would help.

What if you did a weekly Q&A with your formspring, instead of feeding them to twitter, answer them on your blog. Like a… Questions Thursday or something. Pick some fun/juicy questions to answer every week. That will keep people coming back.

I see people worryng about followers and blog stats and comments… what they really should be concerned with is presentation and content. You’re not a failure as a blogger as long as you blog for you, about what you want to blog about, when you want to blog. You don’t blog for traffic/comments, right? So stop lookin’ at em and just enjoy having a spot that’s all your own, and all about you.

I heart you so much for this post…thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear.

And I’ll add that is very limiting. Self hosted wordpress, though it’s a bit of a pain to get started, is the bee’s knees for blogging.

But I only say that because I HATE blogger with a passion. 😀

I started to hate Blogger which is why I left. I want to try self-hosted WordPress & see if it will allow me to do what I want to do, cause is on some bullshit.

You seem so down in the dumps and that’s not good at all. Maybe it’s time to reflect on why you started blogging in the first place.
Also don’t put down your feelings…they are valid. Let’s figure out how to deal with them so they are a thing of the past.

i feel the same way about my site since i’ve moved to wordpress. you should just write for yourself. in the short time since i’ve moved to wordpress i’ve learned to kind of ignore stats. sure i check them out every now and then but you’ll have to know that plenty of people will read but won’t comment.

i have people tell me all the time on twitter, facebook or in real life that they really enjoyed my posts but they won’t comment. its just part of it i guess.

Yeah I go through that too. I think maybe I have an unrealistic expectation of my stats. I need to just leave it alone.

I thought I was the only one….those sites stats will def have you obsessed.

I’m thinking about removing ’em so I can stop my obsession with the numbers.

Hey Jubi, now that I am in school, I never comment on everything I read…just know that I get your updates in my RSS feed, and I’m never too far away…I’m just silent!!! – D

Ha! Amazing how we never cared about blogging but once you get some readers, you no longer blog for yourself. Step away from the stats….slowly….

I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog either and I have over 100 ppl subscribed…I do advertise my blog to get more readers but its not an obsession of mine even though it would be nice to know exactly who I am inspiring or who is actually reading….but I still love to share my knowledge no matter if they are really reading or not! Keep sharing hun!!

I’m one of those lurkers. I actually love your blog. I am having those same feelings when it comes to my own blog. I feel myself not being as genuine sometimes because I want to write stuff people want to read…..then that leads to no blogging at all. So I can definitely sympathize.

A hosted WordPress blog is nice. I use to have one….it’s a pain to set up, but lovely once you do.

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