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I Need Music

Posted on: January 10, 2011

I love love love music. Anything that sounds good to my ears, I will listen to. Lately I’ve been in a non-hiphop/R&B/jazz/pop mood & I’ve been branching out musically.

I discovered Vampire Weekend and I was immediately hooked on their music. Its alternative, and really fun stuff. Good lab or car music. I got a bunch of their stuff on iTunes. BTW in case you don’t know who Vampire Weekend is, you’ve probably heard their song “Holiday” in this Honda commercial over the Christmas season.

Once I got hooked, I started exploring. Next up was Broken Bells…very cool group with a fun sound. More good lab & car music. Their album was released in March 2010, so I was late, but that’s ok.I really love the video for this song.

My bff LK sent me a great list of other bands & songs to check out (thanks love!). One band he told me to check out was The xx, which is a band from London. I really like their song “Islands”.

And LK also suggested this song – “Alligator” by Tegan & Sara which I really love.

Good stuff right? Well this is where I need your help. I’ve been having so much fun discovering new music that I want to keep it going. So I’m taking suggestions! Doesn’t have to be from a specific genre – it can be alternative, pop, funk, hiphop, R&B, country, whatever. If you like it & you think I will too, then I wanna hear abt it. A YouTube link would be great, but I’ll take artist & song, or artist & album if you think an entire album is worth checking out.

So what are you listening to that you think Jubi should hear? Let me know?


5 Responses to "I Need Music"

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Much thanks to you for this post. I love the video concept for The xx and now have a new favorite band, Tegan and Sara!

Very nice… thanks for the shout….

Like! Too bad the videos only work in YouTube.

The Morning Benders – Excuses:

The album (Big Echo) is nice, but that video? The live version of Echos? *Thumbs WAY the fuck up*

Also, check out Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue if you like Ambient-type tunes.

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