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Things I Would Do If I Won Mega Millions

Posted on: January 4, 2011

In case you live under a rock & haven’t heard, the Mega Millions multi-state lottery is up to an impressive $355 million. That’s a whole lot of $$$…about $224 million if taken as a lump sum.

Yeah…wouldn’t it be great to win that money? I don’t even need to be the sole winner, just let me get a cut #realtalk.

We’ve all thought abt what we would do with that much $$$…at least I know I have. So what would Jubi spend $355 million on?

*Pay off all my debts – goodbye to my car note, student loans & other random bills that I don’t need to have.

*Buy property – obviously a house or two for myself to live in, and also some property to generate some income.

*Give a limited amount to family – you always hear those stories about lottery winners who get sucked dr by their families…well that won’t be Jubi! My plan is to give each head of household $5K to be used for whatever they want. Once its gone, its gone, so don’t come asking me to invest in your idea or save your house from foreclosure. My money is MY MONEY, not yours. Of course, my siblings & parents would get more, but you get my idea.

*Give to charity – I would love to support the causes I feel strongly about. One thing I have on my bucket list is to start endowments at my alma maters, to be used as scholarship funds to support Black students in the sciences.

*Invest/save for a rainy day – I will not end up on that E! True Hollywood Story about the lottery winners who blew all their money. Gotta keep something socked away so I can continue to live off it for years to come.

*Trick off a little bit – with $355 million, you can afford to buy yourself something pretty, and I plan to #trustme.

BTW, if I win, you won’t be seeing my face in the news. Last thing I need is folks knowing I got all that money!

You playing Mega Millions tonight? What would you do if you won?


5 Responses to "Things I Would Do If I Won Mega Millions"

Your list of to-dos looks like me. I would definitely pay off all of my debt (mortgage, credit cards, etc.), give some to my family, donate to some worthy causes (especially JSU and my church), make some sensible investments, and splurge on some things I’ve always wanted.
But first – I would fall off the grid as soon as I got the lump sum check and it cleared. A little something like the guy on Enemy of the State. No pictures and no interviews b/c I want to remain an unknown.

good list. I would do pretty much the same, but instead of giving lump sums to fam (well maybe I would) I would put about 20-50K aside as a college fund for my little (second) cousins. it may cost way more by the time they go but it would be towards it.

and exactly I would NOT be on tv, or telling folks like that. but I sure as hell would quit my job 🙂

okay now that I think about it 50K for each kid is prob about what I would do–20K is nothing at all!

Your list is on point. The only thing I would add is a live-in manservant/personal trainer that looks like Tyson Beckford.

let’s see.

1. pay off all my debts
2. buy my mother a house. as well myself (maybe 2)
3. save/invest about half of my earnings
4. splurge a little
5. start a scholarship fund at my undegrad
6. donate to cancer research
7. pay off the debt for the new building at my church

i know i wouldn’t stop going to school though. although i doubt i would continue in my career path.

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