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The Great Life Purge

Posted on: January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 y’all! I hope your new year started on a great note.

I’ve been in Atlanta, enjoying life & bringing in my 2011 with some excitement. This won’t be a recap post (sorry!) but I do want to discuss something else that has become apparent to me the last couple weeks of 2010.

The last two weeks of December gave me more clarity on my life than the majority of the rest of 2010. Its like folks were waiting until the end of the year to show their true character, express their true feelings, or some combination of both. Some of what I learned confirmed what I already knew/thought, while some of it was completely new info & I was very surprised.

My good friend FS always says that some folks are supposed to be in your life for just a season, and I truly believe that. Taking this view on friendships has made it much easier to leave some folks in the past. As I grow as a person, some folks just don’t fit in my life anymore, for whatever reason. Nothing inherently wrong with two people growing apart.

What’s harder for me to deal with is the person who I’ve outgrown, or has grown into someone I don’t really like very much, but they haven’t committed a major wrong against me. Its so easy to be done with someone who has wronged you, but incredibly hard to say “I quit” simply because you don’t like the person anymore. At least its hard for me. But this is the place where I’ve been for the last few weeks, and I’ve finally cut the cord & made the hard decisions.

Do you struggle with eliminating people from your life? How do you handle it?


5 Responses to "The Great Life Purge"


I like my days serene. If there are people that consistently disrupt that and they have no good reason for it, they have to go.

I’ve gotten to the point where I just have NO tolerance for that kind of crap anymore, I have to worry about me and my happiness. It took me years to realize no one’s going to look out for that but me, so it is what it is.

It may sound cold, but it has made me a very happy person that really enjoys her life.

(I’ve also noticed that it gets easier to say No, the more you do it XD )

just like its hard to eliminate people from your life that haven’t wronged you personally, its hard to accept being “cut out” of someone’s life also when you know you haven’t wronged them as well. its all growing pains and whatnot, and I do believe in reason, season and lifetime folks. some people enter and exit, while some exit for good. Life is such a mixed bag, just when I think I’ve figured things out, you get thrown a fast curve ball. hey, at least it keeps things interesting. I really like the phrase “the great life purge.”

I have declared 2011 the year of friendships, so instead of eliminating folks I’m focusing on maintaining and further cultivating the relationships with those that love me most and WANT to be a part of my life. learning and growing together. there may be some cuts along the way, and I guess I’ll deal with them if so.

I started feeling like some folks needed to hit the bricks too, but then it dawned on me that folks weed themselves out. I totally believe in the reason/season/lifetime order of relationships.

I really haven’t had that much difficulty lately cutting dead weight out my life. There’s something magical that happens when you finally start to see people for who they are and not who you want them to be that makes you throw caution to the wind and end it. It’s scary but its liberating. After all, who will look after you best other than yourself?

Seems like you and I were on the same wave length on this one! I can definitely relate!

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