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A View From Another’s Eyes

Posted on: December 28, 2010

Received some feedback that got me thinking.

I received the following:

@Jubilance1922 You attract and love drama and I can’t help but read your tweets. *Hangs Head In Shame* :).

@Jubilance1922 yes it “seems” that way. The substance of your tweets have changed over the past year. Then again it is only my perception.

After I got over the initial shock, I pressed the person for more info privately. The answer? Too much focus on negativity & drama, too little on the fabulousness of Jubilance & her journey through life.

 Introspection tells me that’s true. If you read my timeline you’d probably get a completely different view of me than if you read my blog, or knew me IRL. My blog is a space to share snapshots of my life, my viewpoint, my journey. I’ve swung between periods of transparency & censorship, when it comes to how much of my life & my journey I’m willing to share. At this point the pendulum has swung back into the “transparent” realm. My Twitter account has morphed into a place where I vent & tend to say the first thing that comes to mind. I don’t give potential tweets the same level of thought & scrutiny that I do blog posts.

Just reading my tweets, its apparent that I have some conflict in my life currently. Enough conflict to make me extremely upset, hence the venting via Twitter. I wouldn’t say that I love it & the accompanying drama though. I’d much rather avoid it altogether, but my desire to not allow others to disrespect me, especially in a public forum, trumps my desire for a drama-free life & prevents me from simply letting it go.

I have noticed a  level of negativity within myself, which has manifested in areas of my life. I do not like or enjoy sending out negativity in the Universe – I know that what I put out is what I will receive back. As an imperfect human, I am always a work in progress. My goal is to be more mindful  of myself & the energy I emit to others, and to not allow the negativity of others to impact me. Will I ever be 100% successful at this? Probably not. But I will make my best attempts anyway.


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I’ve had to contend with that line of questioning as recent as three nights ago from a woman who doesn’t really factor into my day to day. I tell people all the time “I am not what I tweet, not all of it anyway”. You can’t quantify someone’s life by a bunch of tweets and blog postings. It takes more than that to capture the fabric of a person.

All that to say…don’t change. Talk about what you want to talk about. If your subjects are too much for the followers, then they have the decided right to not follow you. They don’t have to subject themselves to your genuine self. Never change for the perception of others. IF YOU feel that you have to change, do so. But to those critics expecting you to be something for their needs, they do not matter one bit.



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