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Don’t Ask Me To Watch A Movie With You…

Posted on: December 21, 2010

when your girlfriend is out of town for two weeks.


Yes this really happened to me.

Some backstory – so I met this guy, MD, on the Internets in like late ’08/early ’09. Conversed back & forth, pretty good convo. When I visited Mpls in October ’09, he & I hung out. It was mostly a good time, except for one thing – he was super whiny about being unemployed. Yall know me, I can handle a lot of things, but whiny is not one of them. So anyway, once he found out that I was moving back to Mpls, this is what I heard all the time:

“Hey, when you move back to Minnesota, can we date?”

“Can I date you? Can I date you? Can I date you?”

“When are coming back? Cause I wanna date you.”

It just wouldn’t stop! I finally relented. And then you know what happened – I got here & he disappeared. Oh well, didn’t really bother me. After a couple weeks of being here, I started dating the attorney & I wasn’t thinking about anyone else.

I went months without hearing from MD…and then I ran into him Halloween night. I was with my friend JT who had come to visit for the weekend. We were chillin on the top floor of the W, having drinks, when MD & a chick got off the elevator. We all chatted for a bit & I thought it was weird that he didn’t introduce the girl he was with, even though I introduced JT. Well, I learned why the next day – the girl was his girlfriend. BTW. FB will tell you everything you want to know. All I know is, if I was with my man & he didn’t introduce me to some folks, we’d have some problems, but I digress…

A few weeks after Halloween I got a “If I could, I’d take you out” msg on FB…which got deleted. But this weekend’s “Let’s watch a movie” txt just took the cake. C’mon man! We’ve all been in college, we all know what “let’s watch a movie” means. Its not-so-secret code for “let’s hump”. I’ll pass, especially since you got a girl, and especially since you only hit me up cause she’s out of town. Who the hell do you think I am, and what the fuck is wrong with you?

See this right here…this is why I quit yall a couple years ago.


8 Responses to "Don’t Ask Me To Watch A Movie With You…"

That is ridiculously tacky. What a jerk.

I agree . It is tacky.

I can’t even salvage this one for homie… He just need to keep it moving and unless he sees u out don’t say nothing else


Yeah, so you need to block him from your life. Disrespectful as hell and a loser.


what the mess?! he either thinks to highly of himself or extremely low of you…eitha way you need to cancel that fool and buy a new one 🙂

He’s a hot smoldering mess. Chuck him the deuces and then tell him you will “out” him if he dont get it together.

Hahaha! You said, “C’mon man! We’ve all been in college, we all know what “let’s watch a movie” means. Its not-so-secret code for “let’s hump”.” That’s hilarious….

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