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My Date With My Twitter Crush

Posted on: December 14, 2010

Twitter crush = a person on Twitter that you converse with regularly, and you like their personality/tweets. This may segue into a real crush, in which you want to meet said  twitter crush IRL & see what’s up. (Yes this is my own definition #sueme)

When you’re on Twitter as much as I am, its only a matter of time before you connect with someone who you really start to like, to the point where it develops into a Twitter crush. In my case, this person & I had progressed from DM’s (direct messages) to emails to texts & phone calls. I thought he was a super cool dude & someone I would definitely try to date if we lived in the same city. We had tried to link up before when I was in MI, but it didn’t seem to work out, until this most recent trip home.

Before I arrived, the Twitter crush (TC from now on, that’s a lot of typing) and I had decided to meet up at Buffalo Wild Wings for the UFC fight on Sunday. #Offtopic – I blame the Vegas dude for the fact that I even wanted to go see UFC at all, but I digress. I was really looking forward to this meetup, cause like I said, I have a freaking crush on this person! I hoping that he was as cute as I thought he was, that he was as cool as he was online & on the phone, and that he’d be into me.

Saturday night I got super cute – I wore some skinny jeans & a cute sweater along with some nice jewelry & a pair of cute flat boots. Made sure my face was perfect, I spent about 30 mins in the bathroom.  I was nervous & wanted to make sure I looked great. It was raining that night, but wasn’t too bad, so I made it to BWW abt 5 mins before we were supposed to meet, and he was right behind me.

I walked in, inquired about a table, and then he walked in right behind me. At first, I was thinking “ummm, he’s not as cute as I remembered” because he was wearing a hat & a wavecap. But once he took them off, he was just like I remembered. He was wearing a red sweater & puffy vest, jeans & boots. We hugged and chatted a bit while we waited for our table, and the convo was very easy, just like it had been on the phone.

Once we got seated, we ordered some drinks & I learned that he’s a fellow vodka fan, when he ordered a Grey Goose & Rosie’s Lime Juice. I’d never tried that combo, but basically its like my Ketel One Sour but with no sweetness at all. We kept the drinks flowing & talked a bit before they started showing the various UFC undercard matchups. By this time, we ordered some wings, wedges & chips & were enjoying our food. There was some cute flirty banter back and forth, but overall it was like talking with a friend, which is a plus. Too often men try too hard & it feels forced or creepy, but I didn’t feel either of those. We both asked each other a lot of questions & told some stories, which was very entertaining.

By the time the main fight started, we were both getting sleepy – a product of the drinks, food & how incredibly warm it was in BWW. We managed to make it to the end of the fight & then headed out to the parking lot. It was still raining, so we hopped in my rental to do the good-bye talk. Well that talk turned into an 60+ plus convo. We’re talking & flirting & at one point he grabbed my face, and I just knew he was going to kiss me….and then he didn’t. I was like “whaaaaaaa?”. I just kept waiting for him to make a move, and finally I had an opening to just say “I want you to kiss me”.  So he did & I definitely felt sparks. And felt them again when we kissed a second time. Definitely a good kisser.

One interesting point in the night – we’d discussed relationships & marriage a great deal that night, and at one point he remarked “I can’t believe you aren’t married”. O_o I swear this has to be the 3rd or 4th time I heard this in the past 3 months. I need to explore that & why it keeps popping up.

Once the clock hit 2AM we were both really tired & I knew I needed to get off the streets before the rain turned to ice. So we did the good-bye & the hugs, and we both departed. I definitely wanted to kick it longer tho, and had the weather been more cooperative, I would have, regardless to how tired I was.

Now that I’ve met my Twitter crush in person, I can definitely say that its a real crush now. Once again, I meet a guy that I really like that doesn’t live in my city *sigh*. Regardless of what happens, I enjoyed hanging out with him & I would definitely do it again.


5 Responses to "My Date With My Twitter Crush"

Cute post! I’ve been there a time or two many to say on the twitter crush…. and also with the “Why aren’t you married yet?” Sigh…..
You are making me wanna blog again! 🙂

Great story. I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to meet any of my twitter crushes. Have you noticed a change in how you guys interact online now?

Nope, not at all. We’ve talked via Twitter & txt since the date & so far its just the same.

awww aint that speeshil…. jubi and her crush jubi and her crush (in my momma klump voice)

Im happy for you, now the $$$ is did you make him give you a cheek kiss when you first saw him, cuz if not booo for slipping on ur game; thats your patented move LOL

You know what? I didn’t! I made the last new guy do it (the White guy aka the artist) but the Twitter crush got the lips right off the bat. Dang I’m slippin! LOL

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