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Should I Move Or Stay?

Posted on: November 16, 2010

I need some advice yall, so hit the comments please.

Ok, so I’ve talked abt how I’m getting my financial life together & how I’m trying to cut expenses & save $$$. The biggest expense I have is my apartment. I have a 2bed/2bath apt that’s abt 1200 sqft…and I’m paying way more than I want to for it. The building has great amenities – W/D in each apt, pool, indoor sauna, workout facility, party room, and heated underground parking. The location is also a key for me – its right next to the freeway, and halfway between my job out in the western ‘burbs and downtown/uptown Mpls, where I spend a lot of my time.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to have to move, so I’ve been looking for apartments. And its been an ordeal. Because I work in the burbs, I need to be in the western part of Mpls to keep my commute down. All the other bldgs in my general area are MORE expensive than the place I live now. Downtown is great, but all the really nice places are super expensive. Uptown is also great, but most of the buildings don’t even have lots for off-street parking, much less garages, and I’m not scrapping off my car in the winter (been there, done that, it sucks).  I like NE Mpls, but that’s mostly duplexes or houses, and I haven’t seen anything I like. I could get a cute place in the burbs…but I don’t wanna live in the burbs with the soccer moms.

So I was dreading making a decision…until yesterday. The property manager of my bldg informed me that he would have a 1bedroom+den available the same month my lease is up. So I went to go check it out, and I liked it. I’m on the fence tho, so I need help figuring out if I should take this place or just move to a new bldg altogether.

The pros:

  • Its $200+ cheaper than what I pay now
  • Its 940 sqft – still plenty of room for me to not feel cramped.
  • On the same floor as my current apt, abt 4 apts down from me.
  • I’d be able to keep all my amenities
  • I’d still be in a great location btwn work & play
  • I wouldn’t have to get a truck & do all that loading & unloading.
  • I wouldn’t have to pay a new deposit & all that stuff.

The cons:

  • It’s possible that I can get a cheaper place somewhere else. But most likely it won’t have all the amenities I have now, I would have to compromise on something.
  • Parking for guests at my bldg sucks.
  • I could have sucky neighbors. Tho I could have sucky neighbors anywhere tho.

So what do you think? Just go for the ease of moving to a cheaper apt in my same bldg, given that I like the apt, the bldg & the neighborhood? Or just keep hunting for another place & hope I find something good?


10 Responses to "Should I Move Or Stay?"

I’d move to the 1 bedroom. if you love where you live and you like the amenities, I’d stay there. but that’s just because I’m a creature of habit and hate creating a new routine.

Go for it! You love your building and amenities, and you don’t have t move far. I am looking at doing the same, downgrading to a 1bdrm. I don’t know why I have a 2bdrm. No one comes to visit me.

Stay in this building.

The biggest factors I see are location, price & parking. and in regards to you its beneficial to move to the 1 bedroom down the hall. U don’t have the hassle of the extra commute, its cheaper, and really do u have that many ppl over to be concerned about a brief inconvience in guest parking.

Sounds pretty easy to me 🙂

I’d stay in the building. You know the general area. You know the property management folks and you know that the location works well with the rest of your life. Plus the money you save on application fees, background checks and moving expenses is money you can divert to getting your financial house in order.

Now help me find a place to stay!! ;D

Location, amenities, a $200 price reduction without reducing your quality of life? I say stay, bank half the $200 you’re saving a month to use towards a down payment on a house one day.

I say stay in your building and move to the one bedroom. You’re saving money monthly and also keeping move costs down which is saving more money. Nothing else in your life will change since your commute and all the amenities are the same. Its a win win without added stress.

If you think you can find a place cheaper…why not ask your landlord about moving to the 1 bdrm for say 6 mos. that way you are not completely locked into a long term lease, you will still be saving money and still have an “out” to move.

see if it’s an option at no rent increase. It might be a stretch because most places charge more for short term leases. but it never hurts to ask.

I would stay. Amenities will actually save you money too… the gym ALONE saves you money. Neighbors come and go, so that’s never going to be a static situation.

You may find something cheaper, but you also want to make sure that when you come home, you’re happy to be there, or it’s just not worth it.

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