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Why Do You Need To Know?

Posted on: October 21, 2010

Two topics dominated my Twitter timeline yesterday – Beyonce’s womb & Tyler Perry’s sexuality.

Both topics had me asking the same question – why do you need to know?

Granted, its human nature to be inquisitive.  We live in a celeb-crazy society that tracks their every move, and people eat it up.  We know what they’re wearing, where they vacation, what they drink, all that.  But damn, do you need to know everything? And should some stuff even be news?

On the Beyonce story I was willing to cut folks some slack – she’s an amazing artist & I’m sure her fans are genuinely happy for her & want to share in her joy, if the story is true that is (I think it isn’t, but that’s neither here nor there).  But the Tyler Perry thing?  So inappropriate to ask about his sexuality.  He doesn’t owe the public anything – his sexuality is his & his alone.  The only person(s) who deserves information is whoever he’s sleeping with.  And if you not trying to kick it with Tyler Perry like that, then why do you need to know if he’s gay or not?

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “But Jubes, they are celebs, they put their lives on display.  Plus if you put info out in the public domain, you can’t expect folks to not talk about it.” I agree on both of those fronts.  But for both Beyonce & Tyler Perry, they never made official statements, did an interview and announced “I’m preggers” or “I’m gay”.  Its all speculation & other folks talking for them.  If they purposely don’t say anything about whatever topic, then why do folks think they have a right to know?  Being a celebrity doesn’t give any random person carte blanche to question your personal life.

Just like you wouldn’t want to be questioned about your marital status, your sexual orientation, when you’re going to procreate, celebrities don’t either.  They deserve the same respect as everyone else.  The biggest question is, why do people think that they are entitled to ask anyone those types of questions? Its flat-out rude & unacceptable, and if you’re one of those people who does it, STOP.IT.NOW. All you’re doing is pissing people off.  Especially me.

So readers, what’s your take?  Should some topics be off-limits?  Or do you want to know everything abt your fave celeb?  And how do you handle ppl who ask questions that are way too personal?


3 Responses to "Why Do You Need To Know?"

I was curious but like you say it’s really none of my business. I didn’t go investigating it or anything but I have to be honest and admit when I heard it, I was definitely curious about it.

Any topic a person/celebrity doesn’t want to discuss is off-limits. But by the same token, celebrities stop putting bits and pieces of your personal business out in the open and then later you don’t want to discuss it anymore.

I’m quick to tell people that I don’t want to discuss a particular topic. I don’t answer any questions I don’t want to answer no matter who asks. I’m a VERY private person so there’s very little I discuss with people outside of my inner circle.

“Any topic a person/celebrity doesn’t want to discuss is off-limits.”

what LM said. we absolutely do not have a right to know or a need to know (sorry, using my intelligence community terms, lol) but for real, we don’t. its unfortunate that the internet especially blog culture, twitter culture and just social media in general have made things so instant and us so connected that we feel a part of people’s lives when they are in fact absolute strangers. Before all this “access” you speculated on the lives of celebs, but truly only Hollywood insiders and their close circles had the real scoop. Now random folks are twitpic’ing celebs they see in the streets–“I think she has a baby bump” “I noticed she didn’t drink any wine at dinner” etc. and people run with any little story. I say all the time, give me the riches but not the notoriety. You couldn’t PAY me to be a celebrity. I like my privacy.

I watched the TP interview last night and I was HORRIFIED by the things he shared. He lived such a terrible childhood and I am glad that he found the strength to get to where he is now despite. I think HE thinks that he’s heterosexual (according to what he said, but didn’t say) and thats enough for me…

TP likes men, that is my personal opinion & I am sticking with it… I would love to give Beyonce a baby

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