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Enough With The Challenges MTV

Posted on: October 12, 2010

I was randomly flipping through the channels the other day & I stumbled across a fight.  At first I thought it was an episode of Jersey Shore I had inadvertantly missed #dontjudgeme, but after watching for a few minutes, I realized it was something called “Cut Throat”.  And then I saw Johnny Bananas…and I realized it was yet another RW/RR challenge.


I remember when these challenges first started.  Hell, I remember when Real World and Road Rules started (yay for being a kid w/cable & too much alone time at home before mom got home, LOL).  Anyway…I remember when these challenges were actually fun to watch.  Where there was intrigue & it felt new & fun.  We had real villians – Coral (she acted like Billy Badass, didn’t she?), Katie, CT, Beth, Veronica, Tonya….now that was some good tv.

Now? Now its just overdone & boring.  I only recognized a couple of contestants, the rest are from seasons of RW that I haven’t watched.  I think the last season of RW I watched was…hmmm…Denver?  Naw I didn’t even watch all of that.  What was before Denver?  Anyway, these challenges are so horribly predictable now.  They get drunk, hook up, fight, curse each other out, hook up some more, and win some money.  BORING.  Its already been done.  And done by better reality stars – these new kids are boring.

But then again, RW is boring now as well.  I stopped watching at least 5 seasons ago, maybe more.  All they do is drink & fight.  Remember when RW was actually interesting?  Where the housemates had lives outside of house & show?  Like Boston or Miami (those were my fave casts, what happened to those ppl?).  Seems like MTV should have pulled the plug on RW and the challenges a long time ago.

Anybody watching RW/RR challenge?  What keeps you watching?  Or are you done with it all?  Let me know!


5 Responses to "Enough With The Challenges MTV"

Girl, the Miami cast was my favorite RW season…with Cynthia and Flora. Good comedy and drama! I can’t remember when I stopped watching it…I wanna say the Las Vegas season. I’ve caught glimpses of other seasons but I haven’t watched a complete season in a minute.
I loved how Coral “said it like she meant it”. Those other girls were scared of her.
I ran across the Cutthroat challenge this weekend…this is what happens when you live in Orlando and not out at the outlets. Anyway, I’m not a fan. I stopped watching awhile ago. It became too much for me.

I thought some of the old crew were coming back so I wanted to watch the new challenge–but nah. I liked the first Gauntlet and Inferno seasons but they it started getting silly with things like “fresh meat” and all new people, I guess since Road Rules is no more.

I think the last RW season I watched in full was Vegas. That was when the show jumped the shark to me. I watched the premiere and an episode here and there of many seasons after, but nothing could hold my attention. I was a RW fan since the first episode in New York. The very first reality show–it really intrigued me and I even wanted to be on the show. Back then being 24 seemed soooooo old! smh at how I thought. Miami, LA, Boston, Seattle, Hawaii…those were some good seasons.

anyway, yeah the same old routine is played. but funny how we’ll still watch that tired formula unfold on crap like Bad Girls Club and Jersey Shore though.

I haven’t watched the challenge since the last time Abram was on. They are corny and played out

I think Las Vegas was the last season of RW I watched. The bigger question I want answered is how they are have the challenges when Road Rules hasn’t been on in AGES. Where are those people coming from?

It seems as if Real World is just trying to stay relevant. The last season I watched in full was Las Vegas and THAT was a travesty. My favorite 2 were Hawaii and New Orleans (the original NOLA…not this new one). The challenges don’t even have people who were affiliates with the show anymore. Boring.

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