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Five Gadgets On My Wish List

Posted on: October 1, 2010

I love gadgets & technology.  Sadly, my pocketbook does not, hence why I have a “gadget wish list” in the first place.  Hopefully I can start adding these to my collection – and if anyone wants to help me out, I’m taking donations! LOL

Five Gadgets On My Wish List

iPod Touch 64G

I’ve been wanting a new iPod for a while, and the iPod Touch has been calling my name.  Sadly, I can’t justify buying a new iPod when my 32G Classic is still going strong, 4 years after I bought it.  But the minute it goes out or I luck up on a GREAT discount, I’m copping the 64G iPod Touch #trustme.


My good friend LM got a Kindle months ago, and when she came to visit I got a chance to check it out.  I gotta say, its super cute & looks very convenient.  I’m a bibliophile & will never give up books completely, but the various e-readers on the market are very cool & have some perks.  I haven’t decided on which one I want, between the Kindle, Nook & Sony E-Reader, but after some research & whatnot, I’m sure I’ll choose the best one to fit my needs.

Roku Player

I’ve discussed before how I want to stop giving Comcast all my $$$, and I think the Roku player is gonna help me get there.  Basically its a little box that lets you stream content from various sources, the most common being Netflix, Hulu & Pandora.  It doesn’t download content, it streams it.  I pretty much only have my cable so I can watch football, but come Jan/Feb, Roku & I are gonna be getting down.

Blu-Ray Player

Yes, I realize that I’m behind the times.  Yall have to realize that it took me forever to switch over completely to DVDs.  So yes, its taken me some time figure out that I need to get on this Blu-Ray thing.  Seems like its here to stay, so I need to do some research on players.  Any recommendations?

Blackberry Bold smartphone

I’m already on #teamblackberry, but I need a new one.  Right now Im working with the Blackberry Tour, and I can’t wait until Dec so that I can get a new phone.  Granted, the Bold isn’t much different from the Tour – the only difference between the phones is the Bold has a trackpad & Wifi.  But hey, those are important!

Are you into gadgets?  Do you have a wishlist, & if you do, what’s on yours? Copped anything recently?  Let me know!


9 Responses to "Five Gadgets On My Wish List"

I’m with you when it comes to the iPod Touch. I’m looking at the 32G one though.
I’m going to have to look into the Roku player…don’t judge but I’d never heard of it. It sounds like it could be the answer to my dislike of BrightHouse.

Oh how I want so many things. An iPad, the new iPod Nano, a Kindle (which, if I get the iPad, I can skip), a GOOD digital camera, and let’s not talk about a phone. I was #teamblackberry but if Verizon gets the iPhone I might turn into an official #appleheaux.

I’ve got a nook and I love it. Although I still read real books, some of the e-books are kind of cheap and for stuff that I don’t care to have a real copy of, e-books are the way to go.

I’m considering the Roku myself actually, especially with the new ones that are out. I’ve got an Xbox 360 so I can watch my netflix on that, and I can download anything else I want and stream it through that so no rush… but they’re cool.

I also need a new iPod, but don’t care for a touch. Gonna try and get one of the 120G classics (I think they still have those somewhere). I’ve got too much music and have an old iPhone… so yea.

And I also want a new DSLR… something that shoots HD video would be nice like the new Nokia… but i’ve been spending my money on clothes as of late… surprise I know.

Oh yea… my Samsung Captivate has been pretty sweet… Android is definitely the way to go…

Just get a damn iphone already!

Now you know that will never happen – #teamblackberry

I have the iPhone but it’s only 8G. I want a bigger one. I have such a small music collection that I can actually drag it around with me. And I want to.

I too want a Ipod touch, I’ve had my classic 3g 5 years this december but its 30g so I can only justify it if I get larger, the 64 like you said.

my laptop is on its last legs so I’d like a new laptop too, preferably a Mac.

not really sold on blue ray or the e readers…so thats about it for me! I’m not really a gadget person. I’ll upgrade my blackberry one day too, but I have the Curve with the trackpad and it works for me.

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