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Five Movies I Watch Whenever They’re On TV

Posted on: September 17, 2010

I’m a big movie fan, and there are some movies I can watch over & over & over again.  No matter how many times I’ve seen them I always sit down & watch the following movies…doesn’t matter if they are on cable, network tv or HBO.

So…Five Movies I Always Watch Whenever They’re On:

Forrest Gump

I know most of this movie”s dialogue by heart, but I watch it every single time anyway.  You cant help but love Forrest, & how he goes through life having all these amazing experiences, yet he’s totally oblivious to it all.  And his undying love for Jenny, even though she’s all messed up, is so sweet.

The Color Purple

This is one of those classics that gets watched every time.  The subject matter isn’t the greatest – an abused Black woman in rural Georgia – but its such an entertaining film.  Not to mention its given us some great one-liners & other quotes.  My favorite part is when Celie curses out Mister at the dinner table & then hops in the car with Shug & her husband…she finally overcomes the abuse & pain that Mister had inflicted on her for so many years and reaches for her happiness.

Coming To America

How could you NOT watch this movie every time its on?  Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall are ridiculously funny & provide so many classic lines.  Plus James Earl Jones, Samuel L Jackson, and African dancers?  Yeah…I love this movie!  I know every line in this movie too, sad I know, but hey, its a classic film.

Steel Magnolias

This is one of the movies that I’ve watched ever since I was young, and I still love it.  The best part is the beginning, where Shelby is getting married.  Between the beauty parlor scene & the wedding/reception, there are lots of laughs.  The end is so sad, but its a sweet movie.

House Party

This movie is a classic, can you believe its over 20 years old?  The clothes…the hairstyles…the dances…Its the best and the worst of the late 80’s/early 90’s.  Plus all the talent: Robin Harris, Tisha Campbell, AJ Johnson, Martin Lawrence, John Witherspoon & more.   I know most of this movie by heart too, and the same scenes still make me laugh over & over again.  I know I can’t be the only one that loves this movie.

So what movies do you watch whenever their on?  Let me know!


8 Responses to "Five Movies I Watch Whenever They’re On TV"

1. Ocean’s Eleven – I love this movie! I can’t explain it…I watch this everytime it comes on TNT or TBS(seemingly every other weekend).

2. Entrapment – I’m a big Sean Connery fan! And Catherine Zeta Jones was great in this movie.

3. The Inside Man – The scene where Denzel puts on his hat and runs his finger across the brim – priceless! 🙂

Don’t judge me! I’ve been told that subconsciously I want to pull off a heist and that’s why I’m so fascinated with theft movies. (I like The Italian Job too but I don’t always watch it though) Anyway, I like them!

So I can cosign ‘Coming to America’ (I also know every line and have a poster in my classroom) and ‘House Party’ (“SWITCH!”)…

I also do Ocean’s Eleven and Thirteen… and for some reason the Mummy Movies with Brendan Fraser and The National Treasure movies…

My five would have to be:

1. The Temptations ~ “Ooooh, I’m losing you.. LOSING YOU!” *rock rock rock rock* Bwahahaha!

2. Why Did I Get Married? ~ The sequel and the stinking trash that it was makes me appreciate the first one all the more.

3. Grease 2 ~ Better than the original. The end.

4. Anything in the X-Men franchise.

5. A League of Their Own ~ Dottie shoulda let Kit lose. I always change the channel before that bullyankeedoodle.

Great list o’ yourn up there!

Ooh I always watch Ocean’s 11, The Mummy movies & A League of Their Own too…I have all of those movies in my collection but for some reason, whenever they are on tv I always watch them anyway.

Toi, I should delete your comment for saying Grease 2 is better than Grease! Tho I did appreciate the “Cool Rider” song, LOL.

all the old hood movies like Boyz N Da Hood and Menace II Society, and a few mob movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather.

This post made me realize that I haven’t seen house-party in forever. I gotta fix thta this weekend!

I watch all of those and have them all on DVD, except Steel Magnolias. I’ve actually never seen that movie all the way through.

All great movies. I love Coming to America. By far one of my fav movies. House Party is great too. Classic Kid n Play movie. Great post and blog.

Feel free to check out my blog too. Thanks.

I love all of those movies and tend to watch them every time they come on as well. I also swear by these:

Jerry Maguire
Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Brown Sugar (that one is BET’s fault)
In Her Shoes

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