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A Slower Pace

Posted on: September 8, 2010

I tend to move at a fast pace.  Everything is go, go, go.  When I’m in the car, I’m most likely speeding.  I’ll pick up a book & finish it quickly.  Meals go down pretty quick, especially if its good and I’m hungry.  Everything in my life just moves at a break-neck pace, from work to making decisions to my personal life.

I’m starting to think that maybe moving quickly isn’t the best strategy.

I’ve always been the type to do things in a hurry.  Especially when I make a decision about something – once I make up my mind, I jump right in & do it.  No cooling off period or rethinking period, just make a choice & go for it.  Sometimes its worked out, other times it hasn’t.  But I was always moving so fast that it really didn’t matter.

Yeah, I’m kind of over it.  I’ve been thinking about all the times that I’ve jumped in head-first instead of wading in slowly.  Some of my best examples come from my dating life.  I used to have a 3 Month Rule – generally I date a guy for about 3 months before I get bored & I’m ready to move on to the next.  But boredom came from jumping in head-over-heels from the very beginning.  Even at the job…I was totally digging it, all gung-ho about taking the new job by storm…and now I’m just like “BLAH” about the whole thing.

I know how to either go 90 mph or go 0 mph…I have no concept of what a slower pace is, but I’d like to find out.

I’m working on going slower, but it is a challenge.  But its nice at the same time – I’m trying to stay in the moment instead of being focused on the next milestone or the next goal that I’m supposed to accomplish.

Do you move fast or slow?  Any tips on how to slow down?


7 Responses to "A Slower Pace"

I move slow. only things I do fast is talk and type. lol

I would say just try to be more present in the moment and savor each day. I know I move slow because I’m indecisive and tend to think and overthink most things, but I also pretty much just like even pace…when I move fast I miss important details and end up messing something up. Ain’t nothing to it but to do it though!

Reecie pretty much called it how it is. While it’s fun to finish a book or project, there’s no fun to finishing life. They call that death. The good stuff happens in between.

My advice: There are certain things that require immediate attention. Most things are not “certain things.” You’ll have to figure out which is which.

And finally, relax and enjoy the journey, the destination isn’t everything 😉

I move slow…sometimes I feel like I move too slow. I’m a bit too analytical. I am told all the time that I overthink things but I have to know internally that I’m making the right move. Honestly I do move fast when I shop…if I want it and have the $$$ I buy it. But that’s about the only thing I do fast.

Question: But should you always be working towards something? I feel really lazy when I don’t. And that’s where I am now. I don’t really have a real goal careerwise. I’m just chilling.

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To answer your question, I agree with the previous comments. I believe that you should move with a steady pace with things. It’s understandable that you may want to move quickly, it’s only human, but sometimes you have to take things slow in order to fulfill what you want in life.

I usually take out about 20 minutes of time and write down about 10 things I want to accomplish during a particular week, and I work hard to achieve the things that I have listed. Of course, nothing in life is ever perfectly scripted, but it’s a good way to tell if you are progressing or working toward your goals.

As for tips that I would recommend, you should sit back and analyze yourself. Look at the things that you have accomplished and think about what got you to that point. Appreciate your accomplishments since they are usually precursors to future success. And just take life one day at a time. Use each day as a stepping stone toward where you want to be. You’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.

Funny I am the exact opposite. I agonize over the smallest things. I have to turn a thought over in my mind until I feel I’m certain I’m making the right decision and unfortunately that has it’s own set of consequences!

My recommendation would be instead diving in head first consider the issue/decision for a few hours 24 being the max and then act.

I think the most important thing is to move naturally.

I’m a very fast mover too, and I’m still in the process of taking steps to do more savoring (I’m trying to start meditating, etc.)

But just be true to yourself and move at a pace that feels natural (even if it is faster than most).

I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and it seems we go through similar things around the same time. 🙂 (Though, you seemed to be a bit more level headed than I in certain areas. lol)

I’ve been working on slowing down myself as well.

I was actually able to do this in a recent romantic situation and saved myself a lot of emotional discomfort.

It felt good to actually slow down, think and not get swept up into things head first.

I don’t have any sure fire ways but I did have to consciously tell myself to STEP BACK AND CHILL.

I’m amazed that it worked..ha 🙂

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