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Five Random Things From My Life Right Now

Posted on: August 19, 2010

I actually have a lot more than five random things going on right  now, but all yall get is five, k?

1. I signed up for bartender school – In my last post I talked about how I am unhappy as a chemist & my desire to walk away from my job & the corporate lifestyle overall.  Before I can do that, I gotta get my #hustle on, and being a bartender is one of my strategies.  I’ve always wanted to go to bartender school, and I talked about it a few months ago on Twitter, so I finally took the plunge.  I have a couple friends who went to this school & had success getting bartender positions, so I think this will work for me.  I start training this weekend & I’m looking forward to it.  So far I’ve discovered that I know how to make more drinks than I thought – does that make me a lush?

2. I’m feeling like I made the wrong choice  about the attorney.  That’s all I’m going to say about that right now.

3. Football season is almost upon us & I’m so excited! I’m happy to just be back in a city with a football team.  Yall know I’m a Colts fan, so I will be cheering them on all season, along with my alma maters, the Gophers & the Yellow Jackets.

4. Ladies, have you heard of  Its like Gilt or Rue La La but for beauty products.  They sent me a coupon code so I took a look around the site & wound up ordering a “mystery pack” of items.  So what was in my “mystery pack”?

I got:

  • 1 Moulton Brown Not Just Lips 3 in 1 travel stick in Amazon (a pretty copper color)
  • 1 Iman Perfect Eye Pencil in Nutbush (a medium brown)
  • 1 Prescriptives Incredible Lipcolor in Garnet (an amazingly bright red lipstick)
  • plus 2 foundations – Nars Balanced Foundation in Hawaii (could be a summertime foundation for me) as well as Sue Devitt Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation in Kimberley Plateau (my PERFECT shade & its made for dry skin -yay!).

I got all this stuff for only $15 including shipping! Love it!

5. I have a new hobby – I’m a knitter!  I took a knitting class this spring through Community Ed, and I’ve been knitting all summer.  I picked it up very easily & I really enjoy it, it’s very relaxing.  So far I’ve made some dishclothes and 1 scarf, and I’m currently working on a 2nd scarf.  This fall I’m planning to take a mitten class and a hat class.  No old lady jokes ok?  Knitting is very “in” right now.


5 Responses to "Five Random Things From My Life Right Now"

I envy you…I’m hoping to join a knitting group this fall. i just haven’t figured how I’m going to work it in between my classes. I have some royal blue yarn that’s just begging to be a scarf.

Happy purling!

I need to check out this beauty ticket. thanks for the scoop.

good luck with bartending school! and the knitting class. no jokes over here, I’m all about people doing what makes them happy.

very nice…. 😀

You and your damn blog. Inciting me to buy isht and what not.

And congrats on bartending school! I’ve wanted to do that forever.

I am so excited about football season…more than I think you know. Go Cowboys!!! I started back watching Sportscenter and getting up to speed on what’s going on in training camp. And it didn’t help that I have a fellow Dallas Cowboys fan here. Can’t wait for my trip to Cowboys Stadium in October.

I’m going to stay away from…you got me hooked on Sephora and Ulta…I don’t need to add a third to the list. Have at it!!!

Happy bartending! Can’t wait to hear the stories!!! 🙂

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