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Five Reality Shows I Love

Posted on: July 22, 2010

Remember when the only reality show on TV was The Real World?  We’ve come a long way since that pioneering show.  I swear, it seems like everyone has a reality show these days.  A lot of it is just nonsense that I refuse to watch, but I do have some reality shows that I love to watch & never miss.

Five Reality Shows I Love

I loved this show from the very beginning & I haven’t missed an episode.  If I could do anything in the world, it would be to go to culinary school & become a chef – this show lets me indulge that side of myself.  Plus everyone loves food right?  The food always looks so great & I learn something new every time I watch this show.  My favorite contestants were Carla from Season 5, Dave from Season 1, and Richard from Season 4.  Season 7 started a few weeks ago & I love how they had more chefs of color & more female chefs of color on this season.  I didn’t really like Top Chef: Masters, but I do think I’m going to check out the spin-off, Top Chef: Just Desserts.

I remember when I got into this show – I caught a marathon right before the finale of Season 1 on a random Saturday & I was hooked from there.  Such drama & intrigue!  Plus all the fabulous designs & designers…the genius that is Tim Gunn…and of course, one of my absolute favorite designers ever, Michael Kors.  What’s not to love?  Some of my faves were Nick, Chloe & Santino from Season 2, Mychael Knight from Season 3, Christian from Season 4, and Korto from Season 5.  The show definitely fell off after that dreadful lawsuit over the show moving to Lifetime, and its taken some time for the show to rebuild the steam & following that it had on Bravo.  The first season on Lifetime was a snoozer, but the last season was entertaining, until poor Anthony was eliminated (unfairly in my opinion).  The new season starts next Thursday, hopefully this season will be more in line with season’s past…if its still in LA it may still be dreadful.

What’s not to love about this show – teams of two racing around the world to win $1 million dollars.  You get to see exotic locations, learn interesting facts or customs, plus see the intrigue of the teams competing against each other.  Every season I’m always like “Wow!” when they show the different countries that the contestants visit.  Every year I say I’m going to audition for The Amazing Race, maybe one day I’ll actually do it.

Yes, its officially over…but while it was on, I was hooked!  This is another show that I started watching randomly – I never watched Laguna Beach but I was a Hills fan from the beginning.  Over the course of the seasons, watching the drama between Lauren, Heidi, Spencer, Audrina, Whitney, Brody & later Kristin was very entertaining.  Sure, everybody knew it was scripted & staged, but it didn’t take away from the show for me.  The last couple of seasons with Kristin instead of Lauren did annoy me, but I still remained a loyal fan.  I do watch Whitney’s show, The City, but I don’t know if I’m going to watch Audrina’s spin-off.

I included ANTM even tho I don’t really watch the new seasons anymore – this show has jumped the shark for me.  But back in the day, I was glued to my TV on Wednesdays at 8/7c.  Even now, when there’s a marathon on, if its a season I liked, I will watch every episode.  Its funny to watch old episodes & see how much the show has progressed, especially when you look at how bootleg Cycle 1 was.  Over the years I’ve had so many faves: Mercedes from Cycle 2, Eva from Cycle 3, Bree from Cycle 5, and Danielle from Cycle 6.  I think what killed the show for me was the frequency of cycles – every time you looked up the new cycle of ANTM was on…the viewer didn’t have enough time to keep up with what was going on.  I tried to watch the most recent cycle solely to see Andre Leon Talley on the panel, but even he couldn’t save the show for me *sigh*

Honorable Mentions

All the stuff I loved but didn’t make the cut:

*Sorority Life – remember that show on MTV? Pure comedy
*True Life – getting a peek into other people’s lives is very entertaining
*Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway? – the only wedding show I will watch
*Snapped – I have no idea if this counts as a reality show, but I’ve seen every episode

So what reality shows are on your top five list?  Let me know!


3 Responses to "Five Reality Shows I Love"

no comment on the rest :), but I totally understand the Top Chef love! I’ve never seen that one, but I love Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Culinary school is an interest of mine too, but I know a few chefs who say the job is uber-stressful

The reality shows I watch:

1. Amazing Race – I too keep saying I’m going to audition with my best male friend but we never do it. This is one of those shows that even if you lose, you win. To travel around the world on someone else’s dime, what’s not to love?

2. Whose Wedding is it Anyway? – I like to see the different wedding styles and all the planning/drama that goes into it.

3. Big Brother – Yes I watch it. Don’t judge! I mean this is a show where in order to win, one has to lie, gossip, backstab, and manipulate. On this show, being good will get you voted off. It’s so different from how I live my life.

4. Top Chef – I used to be a big fan but I started missing episodes and ultimately fell off.

There are other reality shows I watch on weekends when I have nothing to do. I used to be a reality show junkie but I’m freeing myself from it.

Yeah, I’m so over reality shows as well…….I dont know about a top five, but the three I try not to miss are:

Project Runway
Top Chef
Hell’s Kitchen

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