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So Much Has Happened…

Posted on: July 21, 2010

Since the last time I wrote.  I had a lot on my plate, a lot on my mind, I celebrated my 28th birthday, and did some traveling.  So this is probably gonna turn into a long-ass recap post, apologizes in advance.

The last time I wrote about myself, I was struggling with my dating situation with the attorney & his lack of desire to be in a committed relationship after months of dating.  I gave it a lot of thought, and then I decided to leave it alone.  We continued to see each other, and I just felt like it was a futile effort.  I had trouble making a clean break, mostly cause I was hoping too hard for something to change.

While I was trying to figure that out, I was still going on dates with other dudes.  One guy (we’ll call him Akeem – think Coming to America, cause he’s Nigerian)  pursued me hard-core, but I wasn’t very interested.  The first time we went out, it was late & I was super-tired, and he turned me off when he started talking about how much easier Black ppl have it in this country.  I gave him one more chance, and the second date was even worse – I had to have my friend call me so that I could escape!  I was so done with Akeem, but he was persistent.  He flat-out told me that he was going to pursue me until I told him to leave me alone…so I gave him one more chance.  I’m glad I did cause that date was great, we really got a chance to talk and get to know each other.  We have a lot in common & enjoy each other’s company…and as a plus he’s pro-relationship.

The Friday before my birthday I had a birthday dinner with my Mpls friends.  I had a good time, tho Akeem didn’t make it & didn’t call (long story).  The attorney was there tho…and that night was the night I was finally done. I was finally ready to be done.  It wasn’t worth it anymore to try to keep something going.  I hope that we can still be friends, but I doubt we will, he’s too distant & detached.

Usually I do a birthday trip with LK, but he flaked on me this year, so I decided to go home & see my family.  I’m glad I did, I had such a good time. I drove home because I refused to spend $350 on a flight.  The drive was ok, I had my road rage moments with the slow folks who refuse to leave the left lane, but overall it was ok.

So what did I do at home?  Well let’s see….My first day there I met my mom’s new boyfriend – he’s a nice guy & my mom is like a giddy teenager, she’s so happy.  The next day I met my sister’s boyfriend – he’s very tall & very sweet with my sister, I’m glad she’s happy.  I spent a lot of time with my nieces – they have gotten so big!  They each have their own little personalities, and its funny to see how they act & interact with each other.  I chopped it up with my brothers, spent time with my sister, hung with the homies, and I even reconciled with my dad…we hadn’t talked in several years, but we talked & I’m glad we did.

Sadly my vacation was too short, and I was really dreading going back to work, but surprisingly it has been less stressful.  I’m dissatisfied tho, I really thought this new job was going to excite me, but it doesn’t.  I think I’m really just ready to be out of the lab totally.  But that’s a post for another time.

So…I think you guys are all caught up now.  I’ve just been living & trying to figure out what my next  move is, while enjoying life.


8 Responses to "So Much Has Happened…"

yay for the recap! funny story about “Akeem” you are better than me because I probably wouldn’t have made it to date #3, but it worked out.

So interesting. Does the attny know you have such a developed internet presence? Did that factor in how the relationship progressed ?

Developed internet presence, meaning the blog? He knows about it, has read it, and it actually what sparked us first talking in the first place. He’s always known abt my blog rule – if you don’t want to know, don’t read it.

I dont think it had any affect on the progression of the relationship. He’s a man that’s very true to his word & true to himself, and he was in a “I dont want to be serious” space & nothing was going to change that. My needs & wants changed & his didn’t & I cant fault him for being true to himself. But I had to be true to myself as well & thus walk away.

It is good that u did walk away. So many don’t.

I’m also surprised that Akeem lasted so long. Kudos for keeping an open mind!

Clean breaks are very hard for me too. Basically impossible hehe. I guess as long as you both understand the break and accept it, no harm no foul?

That’s great that the trip was so fun, especially reconciling with your dad. Had you not seen your family for a while?

I hadn’t seen my family since December, with the exception of my mom, who came to visit me in March.

Kudos for moving on. I’ve been there before and I know it’s hard.

Glad you gave Prince Akeem a third chance. Most women would think of it as a failure when it was only premature ejac initially, trying too hard the second time, but the third time was the charm since each of you know what not to do!

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