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Five Concerts I Want To Attend

Posted on: June 25, 2010

I’m a big music fan, and I love live music.  I love the experience of being in a place, seeing your fave artist give a great performance, and singing every song by heart.  I’ve seen some great shows over the years:
Prince – hands-down the best concert I’ve ever attended
Heart of the City Tour – Both Mary J. Blige & Jay-Z ripped it
Floetry – their live show made me a fan
Usher – amazing dancer & very entertaining

I’ve seen some great shows over the years, but there are still some artists that are on my “I gotta see them live” list.

Five concerts I want to attend:

Erykah Badu

I’ve heard that Ms. Badu puts on an amazing live show.  I’ve been a big fan since the first time I heard ‘On & On” in high school & I’ve been wanting to see her for years.  I had an opportunity a few years ago, she did a show at the House of Blues in Orlando.  Sadly I was not in attendance – I couldn’t find anyone to accompany me & the thought of going to a concert by myself didn’t sound like fun.  Yes, I’m kicking myself over that, I should have just went & enjoyed myself.  Oh well, you live & learn.  Next time Erkyah is in or near my city, I’m there.

Foreign Exchange

I got abroad the Foreign Exchange train kinda late, but I’m a big fan.  Leave It All Behind gets played at least once a week on my iPod, and Connected gets a good amount of play as well.  Even my mom is an FE fan now.  I’ve heard from several sources, including LK who has seen them several times, that FE always does a great show.  Too bad I can’t find out, cause they are always doing shows on the East Coast, Atlanta or LA.  Hey y’all, you got fans in the Midwest too!

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

If you don’t  know who they are….you’ve been living under a rock.  You can’t go to a family reunion, club, lounge, houseparty, college party, anywhere without hearing at least Maze featuring Frankie Beverly song played.  They were one of my parents’ favorite groups, so I heard them a lot growing up.  My dad used to always say, if I wanted to attend a guaranteed great show, I should buy a ticket to see them.  If they make it anywhere near Minneapolis, I’mma be at their show.


Now y’all knew my boo Drake was gonna be on my list.  From what I’ve seen on the blogs & YouTube, Drake has a good stage presence & entertains the crowd.  I don’t want to see chicks throwing panties & bras on-stage (and no I won’t be throwing mine); hopefully folks will keep their undergarments to themselves.  I feel like he would put on an entertaining show & be worth the price of a concert ticket.

Teedra Moses

Another artist that gets a lot of play on my iPod.  She is one of the most slept-on artists out today, I can’t believe she is not as big as she should be.  I don’t know many people who have seen her live, but I doubt that she would disappoint in concert.  Hopefully I’ll get to see her one day; I love her voice & her music.

What artists are on your dream concert lineup?  Have you seen any of the artists on my list?  Let me know!


4 Responses to "Five Concerts I Want To Attend"

I would the best show that I have been to, was to see my favorite artist on the planet Stevie Wonder. It was 2 & 1/2 hours of just pure excellent music. On my list for artist I would like to see in concert are India.Arie because her music speaks to my soul, Chrisette Michele her voice is so amazing on record that I am sure it is that much better in person.

lets see:

Foreign Exchange/Little Brother
Gym Class Heroes
Jill Scott
Erykah Badu
Lupe Fiasco

Just recently saw Erykah Badu and Maxwell. ERYKAH was AMAZING. I have always been a fan so I loved every single minute of it! Worth any amount of money in my book.

I am ALSO a fellow Teedra fan! Glad to know that somebody else enjoys her music as much as I do. I saw her in DC about a year or so ago. It was a great concert she sung all of my fav Teedra song! It was in a small venue so she was really up close and personal! I hope to see her again and her some new songs off her Mixtape!!! I will say it’s hard to find her concerts I just happen to know a friend who was planning the event she was at. She mainly goes to larger cities but you can catch her on the Lady Hennessy tour .

good list. I’ve seen Badu a couple times, but I wouldn’t mind seeing everyone else–except Drake. I’ve always heard he has NO stage presence, but I dunno. I’m not really into hip hop shows anymore from big names unless its Jay.

Definitely Teedra and FE though. that would be a great look.

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