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Yeah I’m a Drake Fan

Posted on: June 14, 2010

I don’t think its a secret here on Searching for Satisfaction that I’m a big Drake fan.  I have all the mixtapes & I will be purchasing Thank Me Later tomorrow.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that this guy is everywhere now – performing with Jay-Z, on the cover of almost every magazine, and you can’t turn on the radio or music channel without hearing a song that he’s on.  Nice move for a dude that until recently, most folks knew as Jimmy from Degrassi.

Who knew this dude would become the hottest thing from Canada since Alex Trebek?

Someone asked me the other day why I was such a big Drake fan.  Well here’s why:

  1. I love his flow & his voice.  He’s not overly aggressive with it in every song, and he’s not a sap in every song either.
  2. His lyrics aren’t overly aggressive either – some rappers seem to rap strictly for those with high levels of testosterone, & its hard for me to get into rappers like that.  Drake seems to realize that a lot of women love his music, but he still makes stuff that men can listen to as well.
  3. He’s part-singer and part-rapper, and does both well.  That’s talent.
  4. Whoever he’s getting to do is production, is a win.  You can’t deny that his stuff is catchy & will get your head nodding pretty quick.
  5. From certain angles he’s kinda cute…like a dog that cute when the light hits him a certain way & he has his head turned to the side, LOL.

I know most of yall been bumping the leaked copy, but go buy Thank Me Later & support an artist.

And of course, I had to leave you with some of my favorite Drake joints…

“A Night Off” featuring Lloyd – definitely a sexy song

“Slow It Down” – another one where Drake is singing

“Don’t You Have A Man” featuring Dwele & Little Brother

“Lust For Life”

“Going In For Life” – I love that he sampled Eddie Kendricks “Intimate Friends” for this


4 Responses to "Yeah I’m a Drake Fan"

His new cd is good. I may buy a copy for the liner…maybe.

but I gotta dissect your reasons for liking him. dude is TOTALLY a sap on like 80% of his stuff, but I’m a chick so I dig that. lol.

and part-singer/part rapper…eh, I can’t say he’s the best singer, but he does alright. I think you will definitely like Fancy which is already the ladies theme song/club song of sorts… and others I like are Miss Me, Unforgettable, Light Up, The Resistance, and Thank Me Now. its a decent cd…but he’s a sangin simpin ass, make no mistakes about it. LMAO

Reecie, you know I’ve been bumping a leaked copy of Thank Me Later for a minute now…I’ve been loving Fancy, Show Me A Good Time, Miss Me, Thank Me Now & a couple others.

I agree he is all about the ladies for a majority of his songs, but I like it, which goes to my point about not making music just for men. Too many rappers forget that women listen to rap too.

oh ok. I didn’t know if you were waiting for the official release. the song with Nicki Minaj I actually like too. But the one where he calls out his love for her?! SIMPTASTIC son!!! he gets a no-sign for that. LOL

I mess with Drizzy… You need to have something in the rotation that the females in your company will enjoy listening to.

You did leave off two of my favorites, “Where To Now” and “Think Good Thoughts” but a good list nonetheless.

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