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What’s New With Jubes?

Posted on: November 24, 2009

Yall know how I do…another stream-of-consciousness post.

I already posted on how wack my trip to St. Louis was…it sucked a lot, but at the same time, I answered a question that had been in my mind for a while, which is a good thing. I totally could have stayed home tho, but oh well…
Can you believe its Thanksgiving already? I blinked & we ended up in November. I’m not going home for Thanksgiving and I’m not even really doing anything this year. I just wanna chill, catch up on my sleep, do some reading, and put up my Christmas tree (yes, I’m going to have a tree this year). I probably wont even cook anything special. And I’m definitely not going shopping for Black Friday – I don’t need anything and I really need to save money & stop spending.
And speaking of saving money, I really need to get on that, stat! I have so much crap & I spend money that I dont really need to spend, which is a bad thing. I really want to save at least $10K in 2010, which wont even be super hard to do, I just need to stop being lazy & buying crap.
This past weekend was the Florida Classic, also known as the one time of the year that there are good events in Orlando. I just hate how there are a million events & parties during the classic and then the rest of the year there is nothing going on. I mean, it really sucks! Anyway, I attended the best event of the weekend, the Ciroc VIP Lounge at Bliss. Free admission, free drinks (and yall know I fucks with Ciroc!), Biz Markie was the DJ so I danced all night, had a table so I could rest my feet (which hurt for 2 days so you know I partied hard), met some cuties, looked really cute in my green dress, and overall had a ball. Great times…too bad I gotta wait until this time next year to do it again.
My dating life has done a complete 180 from where it was just a few months ago…isn’t that how it always goes? I went from no dates and no prospects to several dates and several prospects. I’m planning to do another post that goes more in-depth into what I have going on, so I won’t elaborate too much now…But I will say that I’m happy to have options again.
Oh, and can I say how much I love Wale’s album? Its been in constant rotation on my iPod, I haven’t really wanted to listen to anything else. If I am listening to something different, its Melanie Fiona (review coming this week!) or Drake (and yall know how I feel about him…). I really love Wale’s album tho, I wasn’t a huge fan before but since Attention Deficit came out, I’ve hopped on the fan bandwagon…great music.

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@Reign over at MadSexyCool posted a post on getting the finances together. That’s my goal too. I think the site is

If I cut out half of my trips this year, I could have had a nice lil chunk of change….oh well. It was all worth it!!!

that’s how it is here as well. the big event is tsu homecoming and the rest of the time its really blah. you just have to make your own fun. *shrugs*

my goal in 2010 is also save as much money as possible. i feel that goal so much.

see at first i wasn’t a fan of attention deficit. i’ve been a fan of wale for a long time but then i really went back and listened and i basically like every track on the album. looking forward to hearing the melanie fiona review. you should check out my last post i did on j. cole. if you like wale i think you’ll like him too.

I’m not going home for Thanksgiving either but I have family where I live. I don’t think I want to be involved with the Black Friday madness. I’ll just wait but I’m making most of my gifts for everyone so I have no real need to be out there.

@DC – I love, but I can’t fully use it because they don’t support my credit union! My credit union does have the quicken software for free tho, which I plan to use more.

@Tunde – I wasn’t a Wale fan until I got Attention Deficit, so now I gotta get up on the mixtapes. I saw your JCole post, I def wanna get up on him too.

interesting how NOW you become a Wale fan. I actually dig his mixtape music A LOT better. But Attention Deficit is dope–after my initial disappointment. That happens to me only with artists I really love–SEE THAT PATTERN?! LOL

and those Ciroc lounges–they had the same during FAMU homecoming but I took too long to get on the guest list. The last time I was in Orlando I went to the Biz Markie party during our National Convention and he def knows how to keep you dancing all night.

glad you had a good time.

you know I got the music anytime you want it. I have all Wale mixtapes and J. Cole’s too.

hey Jubi!

St. Louis huh? i considered STL for a minute, for graduate school. alas, i have seperation anxiety from home (not moms house but nyc).

friendzones suck but if its for the best, it is what it is.

as for Wale, im really trying hard to like him. its not that he’s not good, but since a good portion of folks i follow/follow me on twitter and FB are pumping it, i feel like i need to give him a shot.

Great post.

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