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Getting What You Want

Posted on: September 9, 2009

Ugh, I’ve started this blog post like 3 times, but I keep deleting it cause its not coming out right.

Maybe we’ll just go for some stream-of-consciousness type writing today.

As they say, when one door closes, another opens. When I closed the door on my relationship wtih DB, I had no idea that I was opening the door to something else…or in this case someone else. I laid a foundation for what I wanted, and I made I promise to myself to accept nothing less.

The not-so-new guy JB (not-so-new because we met almost a year ago) has more than satisfied my desire to spend time with the man I’m dating. He doesn’t live in Orlando, but he makes a huge effort to spend quality time with me. He once drove 2 hours just to take me to dinner (Bonefish Grill -yum!) and then drove back home right after dinner, and didn’t even try to kiss me. Now that’s a gentleman. He has left work to spend time with me. He makes plans with me and actually keeps them. He calls just to say hi and txts when he can’t call.

About a week ago I lost sight of the big picture and got upset over a very little thing, and my friend FS was kind enough to tell me to get my life together. And he was absolutely right. I am getting all the things that I wanted, a man who cares for me, spends time with me, keeps his word, and is genuinely interested in me and a relationship. I can’t be distracted by the little things (cause yall know I’m quick to quit a guy).

This new dating situation is nice, and I’d like it to develop into something more. We’ll see what happens…


4 Responses to "Getting What You Want"

yeah I read that like… you know you wanted some sugar! LOL. but yea the little things CAN add up to big things, but you have to remember “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I even have to tell myself that. its hard when you are a person thats’ irked/irritated easily.

Good stuff.

Aight, I was a little tiny bit disappointed…but that’s ok.

And thanks…

“He once drove 2 hours just to take me to dinner (Bonefish Grill -yum!) and then drove back home right after dinner, and didn’t even try to kiss me.”

is that really a complete gentleman? tell the truth, you were a little disappointed that he didn’t try to kiss you. 🙂

i’m happy that you’re happy though.

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