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Being Demanding

Posted on: August 24, 2009

I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I had been consistently dating the same guy (DB) for several months. He even made it past my standard 3-month expiration date, which is pretty rare. But that’s where he fell off, and then I had to make a decision.

See, the problem was time, or the lack thereof. In my world, people who care of each other, that are in a relationship (or building towards one) spend time together, or at least make efforts to make some quality time happen. If you don’t want to spend time with someone you claimed to like or care for, then what is the point? Making time/room in your life for someone requires sacrifice, but for the right person its worth it, right?

With DB, I got tired of the lack of effort on his part to make time for me. I can deal with demanding jobs. I can deal with needing to be with his daughter. I cannot deal with being an after-thought or not even a thought at all. After 5 months, I expect to rank somewhere on the totem pole (no, I’m not expecting to be at the top) but with him, I wasn’t on the pole at all. I really tried to give him a chance, I verbalized how I was unhappy with our current situation and asked him how he wanted to resolve it. His response was to reiterate what I said & add “I really like you & enjoy spending time with you” but did not even attempt to come up with a solution. So my solution was to walk away.

Since that happened I’ve been told I am too demanding. Oh well. Why should I settle for sitting by the phone, watiting for him to bless me with some of his precious time? Are there women out there who actually do that?

I don’t think I’m wrong for demanding that I be treated well by a guy I’m dating. Why not demand good treatment?

Am I demanding? Are you demanding?


3 Responses to "Being Demanding"

Your words are definitely what I’m going through now and the reason that after 1.5 months I decided to move on. Actions say so much than words, if you say you want to be with me act on it. Yes, people are busy, like you I wasn’t asking that the guy I was with give me the world or expensive gifts just time. And as adults we make time for what we want, so I just chalked it up that he just wasn’t that interested in me and walked it on out.

Wow. I’m surprised you let it go on for 5 months. I’m with Anon.

He just wasn’t into you enough to change his behavior. You definitely made the RIGHT choice.

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