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What’s the deal with….

Posted on: August 5, 2009

Ex’s checking in to see “what’s up”?

Now let’s be real, we all know what that means…your ex isn’t calling or emailing to be friendly…they are contacting you for 1 of 2 reasons:

*They got married/passed the bar/doubled their salary and wanted to gloat and tell you what you missed out on share their good news.

*They are checking in to see if they can still “get in”.

I think men are more notorious for doing this than women. Women will do that Jill Scott-esque “I was just thinkin bout you” call, but men? Men will call, and call on a schedule! They be checking in every 6 months or so, trying to see if you’re still free. Hanging on and whatnot. Basically making sure they can get back in if they really want/need to.

I guess I can’t really knock that hustle…I mean, everybody needs a backup plan. But that’s why I don’t keep up communication with an ex. We broke up for a reason, you need to no longer exist (cue Miranda from SATC). I’m just not interested in doing the chit-chat thing with an ex. I dont particularly want to share my good news with you. I don’t really want to hear yours. I could care less that you’ve been thinking bout me, cause I don’t give relationship do-overs.

Is it just me? Anybody else do the check-in with the ex? Anybody else hate it?


1 Response to "What’s the deal with…."

you know there is some part of you that wants to know if your ex is still thinking about you. what was that song ne-yo had “Do You” or something like that.

“i just wonder//do you ever//think of me//anymore//do you”

i think its human nature to think about things like that. i have had exes hit me with the ‘what’s up?’ i see that shit coming a mile away and since i don’t backtrack it’s easy to dead that.

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