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A Historic Moment

Posted on: November 5, 2008

Wow….the events of last night…no, the events of the last year, have just amazed me.

Our next President is a Black man…and a Black man that is my parents age at that.

As a child, I grew up in a very pro-Black home. And very early on I developed a deep pride in myself, in my people, and our history in this country and across the globe. I saw history being made, as my father took us to see Jesse Jackson during his run in ’88, and to Farrakhan rallies and speeches.

Yet all of those experiences did not prepare me for the overwhelming pride and joy I felt last night. Pride in the fact that the sky truly is the limit, and that we truly can be the best that we can be without anyone or anything holding us back. So joyful that we as a people are no longer afraid to go out and claim that which is rightfully ours, and joyful that this country has finally woken up out of our 8 year nightmare.

Earlier this year, I found myself so pissed at the old guard – those from the civil rights generation who refused to support Obama. But now I find myself realizing that it was not their ego that caused them to not support him, it was their fear. After all they experienced, all they endured as they tried to go about the simple task of just voting for any candidate, I can now understand how they just could not make the leap and believe that one of our own could lead this country. But I love how everyone, including Obama himself, has acknowledged and thanked those folks for all they endured and for pressing on, because last night could not have happened without them.

I’m so thankful that I was able to see this, to be apart of this moment.


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