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Atkins Day 8

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Todays begins Week 2 of my 2 week Atkins Induction.

I weighed myself yesterday morning, I am down 7 pounds.

My ketostix say I’m in ketosis.

My hunger is totally gone, I have to remind myself to eat.

This morning I couldn’t even finish breakfast, I was already full.

I have not cheated and don’t plan to.

I’m planning to move to OWL when I finish Induction, I miss dairy, berries and nuts. And so far I don’t seem to be metabolically resistant to weight loss. I will mainly stick to veggie carb sources though, and will go back to Induction style eating if I see my weight loss is stalling.


1 Response to "Atkins Day 8"

I’ve considered trying Atkins, but I was always afraid I wouldn’t make it through the induction phase. Maybe I should try again….

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