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Posted on: July 23, 2008

*I want a Nintendo DS, but I’m too cheap to buy one.

*I need to pay my ACS dues, I guess there goes my DS money.

*I miss having a crew. Having a crew was a great thing. In undergrad the crew, the Hey Girls (yes that was the name and don’t hate!) was like 12 deep. My grad school crew was like 7 deep. Now I got like maybe 1, and 1 does not a crew make. Gotta work on that.

*I am horrible when it comes to mailing things. Its like I’m allergic to the post office. I have an outfit for my play niece and two books for my sister to mail. I’m off on Friday so I’m absolutely going to mail them then.

*I started counting calories, and its been pretty good so far. And I bought a heart rate monitor so I could accurately capture how many calories I was burning during my workouts. I got bored pretty quickly doing the same old thing at the gym, so I’ve been rotating the various The Firm videos, and I think I’m gonna start trying out other DVD’s from the library. I have at least 5 The Firm DVD’s, and 3 WATP DVD’s so I can keep rotating and not get bored. Leslie gets on my last nerve though, so I have to put her on mute and through on the iPod when I do WATP. She’s too chipper and too talky, I hate it. I enjoy The Firm though, and those ladies are cut! I don’t want to be that hardbody, I still wanna be soft and cuddly.

*The next couple weeks there will be a lot going on in Orlando….Delta’s have their convention down here starting this weekend and then after that is the Urban League convention, so it looks like I’ll be getting out. And my ex A will be in town this weekend too, and I think we’re gonna hook up.

*I’ve been doing a bad job of boycotting election coverage, I need to start ignoring things.

*I’m getting more serious about moving back to Minneapolis. I’m commited to making it happen. I’ve put in two years in Orlando, I think that’s long enough. Too bad I can’t take my job with me, I love it.


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