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Random Ish

Posted on: July 17, 2008

*I saw a pic of Cassie carrying the Gucci Joy NY Boston bag and I was green for a second…and then I remembered my baby at home!

*I’ve realized that I know so many people with kids…I suppose its only gonna get worse as I get older. Surprisingly, I’m more shocked when I hear about folks having babies now, than I was when I was a teenager. Maybe that’s because as I get older, my desire for children and my patience level with children gets lower and lower. Maybe I’ll just be that cool auntie who doesn’t have any kids but spoils her neices and nephews rotten.

*I’m back on the healthy eating bandwagon, and feeling good.

*Sad that I’ll be missing Boule – I wish I could make it! *sigh*

*I need consistent male company, post haste.


1 Response to "Random Ish"

I feel you on the baby thing. I’ve got a few years on you and yes it only gets more common. Most of my friends from college have been married and/or had kids for years. A few of them are working on their first divorces.Anywho…I take solace in the fact that 1. I have a niece whom I spoil and 2. as a single, childless chick I can do whatever my heart desires. 🙂Viva la unattached!

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