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Posted on: June 14, 2008

Last night I had two dates: martinis at 7 and then wine at 10:30.

For each date, the guy set the time.

So why the hell are niggas showing up LATE?

Date #1: He suggests that we meet between 6:30 and 7, so I say cool. I live about 30 minutes from where we were gonna meet, so I plan accordingly. I arrive at the martini bar at 10 to 7 and send him a text letting him know that I’m there….so why do I get a text back saying that he’s running late and that he’ll be leaving the house in 10 minutes? You know what time he arrived? 8:00! That’s right folks, he had me waiting for 70 FUCKING MINUTES BY MYSELF IN THE MARTINI BAR! Do you know how embarassing that is, to sit and wait for someone to show up in a bar? That has never happened to me before and I was so mad I was seeing red, literally. He sauntered in so nonchalant and apologized or whatever, but how do you forgive someone for being 70 minutes late? I mean really? Especially since I hold a grudge and I never forget anything. He’s all “I know I messed up but I’d like you to give me a chance to prove that I’m a good guy blah blah blah”….and I’m not having it. Oh, and did I mention that he’s 35? He knows better!

This illustrates my biggest dating pet peeve. I HATE HATE HATE when folks are late or change plans on me last minute. I have better things to do than sit around and wait for someone, and if someone makes plans with me I expect them to honor it. Somehow dudes don’t get that. Not to mention, how hard is it to send a text and say that you are running late so we should meet later? If you know you have to be somewhere in 30 minutes but you live 45 minutes away, then unless you have mastered time travel you are gonna be late and you should let the other party know. Oh, and the other excuse he gave me was that he assumed I would be running on CPT time…who does that for a first date? Niggas, that’s who.

So Date #2: We supposed to meet in Winter Park at a wine bar…I’m already downtown so I’m in the area a little early, but I couldn’t find a parking space. Once again, 10 minutes before we are supposed to meet, I get a text talking bout he’s way on the other side of town and he’s gonna be late. We go back and forth cause I’m not waiting all night for him, and then I decide to just go over there cause I live on that side of town anyway. So we wind up meeting 30 minutes later. And then he wasn’t dressed appropriately for where we were gonna go, so he couldn’t get in. WTF?

I swear, I’mma quit Black men…


8 Responses to "Unbelievable"

Negroes ain’t the only tardy ones. . .you’re just dealin’ w/ triflin’ negroes. lol

Never wait for a man that long. That’s freakin ridiculous. In school Dr’s only get 15 minutes and then the class is dismissed. That’s the rule I’m implementing. Maybe you should consider it. As far as quitting black men, that won’t alleviate your problems. Men in general will do what they can get away with. This guy got away with making you wait on him for over an hour. (You’re worth more than that by the way. Don’t act like a side order if you are an entree. :-))Live and learn but, don’t make it a black man thing.

You are a much better woman than I…I probably woulda bounced after about 20 minutes in the martini bar. Were either of these men worth the wait?

Girl, as soon as I read this post, I had to laugh. My bf is EXACTLY like this, and it pisses me off to no end. While I was reading your post, he called and I told him what I was reading and laughing at the label you put on this post because it’s so true. I told him I was going to write about the 3 hours he was late to our first date and he said “Oh babes, I know you’re not going to tell the world.” Of course I said no but here I am telling anyway. The only reason I stayed was because I’d driven 4 hours out of town to see him. I was so pissed I started driving away, he had to catch me at the state line. Two months later, I’m at a graduation and he’s flying into town. I couldn’t leave the graduation as I was up on stage. He’s texting me that he’s upset b/c I’m late to pick him up. After I finished texting him the message from hell, he said “Ok, I’ll wait.” lol. So believe me, I understand what you went through. I don’t even know how to tell you to do better bc look @ mine…jeesh..Love & Light, < HREF="" REL="nofollow">jaha Knight<>Original < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Soulphisticated Lady<>P.S> Age doesn’t matter, either..

i agree with the above…all american men have the propensity to be triflin’. now if you were to go to the islands or europe…LOL

Girl…you are better than me. The first date would have gotten left. I would have text back after 30 mins to say that I was leaving and for him not to bother to come. That is just plain RUDE!! Hope you don’t quit black men…i’ve heard there are some good ones out there….-Your girl who though Tampa was bad but would take it over Oklahoma anyday 🙂

Wow, reminds me so much of dates I’ve had… The mistake you did with date #1 is wait that long. I would not have… It’s a first date for crying out loud….

@AverageBlackMale: Ladies stop blaming the entire (black) male gender just because you’re attracted to assholes… (& just sorry *** men in general)

Post like THIS, get me TIGHT…

Until you prove me otherwise, I think you are attracted to assholes

Demand Respect, and you will get it… You should have left after 10 minutes in both instances…


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