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Posted on: March 18, 2008

So yesterday morning I went to the dentist instead of going to work. I love my dentist, he’s a cool older Black gentleman, and an Omega. So anyway, my tooth that has been slowly dropping was bothering me, and I wanted the doc to take a look at it again. Last year he told me I would need braces and implants to save it. Yesterday, he said f it and decided to pull it.

I was scared…I’ve never had a tooth pulled (my wisdom teeth were cut out) and I just knew it was gonna be painful. But surprisingly, it didn’t hurt a bit. Doc hit me with the gas, and shot me with some Novocaine, and I was good. Didn’t feel a thing, just the tugging from them pulling my tooth out.

A day after, and I don’t have much pain, which is great. But its weird to have this big whole in my mouth from where my tooth was…but I’m glad that sucker is gone!

In other news, I was supposed to get my hair braided on Thursday but I’m having a cash flow problem, so if she can’t move me to Friday I’m screwed. LK will be here Friday evening (yay!) and I don’t really want him to have to sit around all day Saturday when I’m getting my hair done (if she can even do it then…). Oh well….


3 Responses to "No title…"

Hi there!very nice blog you have here!Nice visiting !

I had a tooth taken out a couple months ago, and the weirdest part was getting used to the hole… and yea… I’d rather not be sitting around on Saturday either…

I had my all my wisdom teeth removed in college and it feels weird when I run my tongue back there. It’s also more difficult to eat popcorn now that there are more places for it to get stuck/caught in….

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