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Myspace begging at its finest…

Posted on: March 3, 2008

I hate Myspace.

I find it annoying and cluttered and full of undesirable men who send mass messages to chicks hoping that one will reply back. Ugh.

So I checked my Myspace this week and I got this message from someone claiming to be a doctor (I seriously doubt he’s a doctor):

Good evening how are you? I think that you are very attractive. I come to the area on business quite often so I am trying to make a new friend so…. if you can handle that then I would like to hear back from you.

Oh and before you jump to comclusions… I am not trying to pursue anything with you and I would appreciate your friendship more than anything else. Take care!!!


On first glance, it seemed innocent enough, but I wasn’t interested…I’m never interested on Myspace. If I don’t know you, I generally don’t reply to messages. No offense, but I do the same thing on Facebook and I did it back in the day on Blackplanet (which apparently people are still members of, but that’s another post…moving on).

So then I got this next message later on in the same day (the first message was sent in the middle of the night):

I see that you read my message. So why no reply?

Once again, I just ignored it. If I didn’t respond to the first one, why would I send a message explaining why I didn’t reply to the first one? I’m sure some stupid girls fall for that, wanting to not seem mean or whatever so they fall for the okie doke. Not me buddy.

So apparently my lack of reciprocal communication hurt his feelings, because at 3AM he sent this last message:

I get it now. You don’t respond because you are not in my league and you are a bit intimidated by that. I understand now. I guess I will let you continue to be a loser. I tried but obviously you like mediocrity.


I think I hurt myself laughing at that. Intimidated? By someone on Myspace? Mediocrity? How incredibly lame. He’s one of those dudes who tries to talk to a woman, and when she doesn’t repond he calls her a bitch.

So I went to the page, just to see how bad it was, and according to him he’s a doctor and also a Kappa (perhaps he was leaning on Indy Luv?) but he needs to holla at chicks that he’s never seen on Myspace and then gets angry when they don’t respond? I’ll pass.


6 Responses to "Myspace begging at its finest…"

how many people do you know, that does thisBWAHAHAHAHAHand gets anal retentive like that.

he is a loser, if he is a kappa he prob only became one so he could finally get girls and thats not working for him

Girl, CLASSIC. The same thing happened with me and an Omega. When he got mad he told me the AKAs were better. LOL!-J


So was the moral of the story that that approach doesn’t work? Good to know…

Silly rabbit. LMAO….Oh and myspace is truly the devil. I’m deleting my account.Jeannie

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