Searching For Satisfaction

Out of nowhere…

Posted on: December 22, 2007

Ever had someone just pop into your mind all of a sudden?

You’re washing the dishes or doing laundry or driving to work and all of a sudden So-and-so comes to mind…

That happened to me today…and I thought about someone that I haven’t talked to in months, by choice. The sentimental friend in me wonders how they are doing, if they are ok, if they’ve made the changes that they wanted to make and all that. But then the jerk in me says “Screw them! They did you wrong and they don’t deserve the effort you would put out to contact them. Keep the past in the past.”

Does that really work, keeping the past in the past? Does it haunt anyone else besides me? Sometimes I feel like I’m being followed by the ghosts of relationships and friendships past…

And speaking of the past, today I went to the used CD shop and got 5 CD’s…I’ve been wanting these CD’s forever…All stuff from the ’90’s…in the car these songs brought back such memories…

I’m one of those folks whose memories are tied to music…Its like I grew up with a soundtrack my whole life. I hear a song and instantly I flashback to what I was doing, who I was with, what was important to me back then…ahh, such memories…

Oh, and I officially love that new Mary J. Blige…once again my girl has outdone herself…I love how she keeps changing and evolving, and stays relevant. I hope that I am changing and evolving the same way…

Oh, and yes Luq, I know that Google Reader lets you share things, and I’ve been reading the things you’ve been sharing…That’s another reason why I love my boyfriend Google Reader…Oh and you should know that I ordered 2 shirts from Threadless and I love them! Thanks sugah!


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