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So I’m late…

Posted on: December 20, 2007

But I just got around to watching “Sicko”…I know, I know, that movie came out forever ago. Of course, its Michael Moore at his finest, giving his liberal, left-wing spin on things. And of course, I love it, cause I”m socially liberal.

So this movie hurt my heart, my feelings, my brain, and just made me so ashamed to be apart of this horrible, horrible system. Absolutely sick. Of course, I’ve always known that its all about money in this country, specifically making money, and that making money should never come second to anything, including helping other people. But to see how folks have lost their lives in the pursuit of making money for someone else? Just hurtful, and shameful for those who have played a part in it.

Granted, that same “make money at the expense of someone else” ideal is as American as apple pie and baseball, and we see it everyday. Hell, what do you think was behind “the mortage crisis”? It was everyone in the system being greedy and not caring that Suzy Q only made $20,000 a year and couldn’t afford a $300,000 mortage….as long as they got their points and commissions and feeds and whatnot, who cares? And the movie tonight just confirmed that.

*sigh* I wish there was something I could do – something more than just voting for the person that I think is the smallest crook or not patronizing certain businesses. The fact remains that everything is connected, and there’s no way to get myself out of this crazy screwed up system, unless I move to another country or move to the country and live off the grid, and yall know I love my DVR too much to something crazy like that.

I’m so saddened. I feel so helpless. I’ve never felt like such a cog before…I’m just apart of the wheel…how do I break out? How do we all breakout and tell these greedy crooks where to go?


2 Responses to "So I’m late…"

I know how you feel hon.Join unicef or something… that is exactly what I am going to do!Best of luck,Grace

I actually just watched this movie for the first time this week also (I guess were both late). I’m going to be entering the medical profession and it moved me so much that I’m considering not practicing in the U.S. I’m disgusted at who we are!

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