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Sounds like a fakeout to me….

Posted on: July 24, 2007

Check out this news story:

Tony Gonzalez ready to make commitment

Sorry, ladies, but it appears that Tony Gonzalez is officially off the market. Well, sort of officially.

Tony G isn’t getting married, but he is planning a “formal commitment ceremony” on July 20 in Huntington Beach, Calif., where he’ll pledge his love to girlfriend October Russell.

A formal commitment ceremony? That’s so California.

At any rate, Tony G shared this information recently with Star freelance writer Ruth Baum Bigus. “We’re not signing any papers,” Gonzalez told her, “but I wanted the world to know that I love her and want to spend my life with her. I did it the best way for me.”

Gonzalez and Russell met five years ago when Russell was working at a Newport Beach, Calif., restaurant owned by former NBA player Dennis Rodman. “She had a boyfriend at the time, so I waited,” said Gonzalez, who added that the couple started dating seriously about two years ago.

Former Chiefs fullback Tony Richardson will oversee the ceremony, and yes, there will be vows exchanged, vows written by Tony G and Russell. Tony G’s 6-year-old son, Nikko, will be involved in the ceremony as well.

As for the guest list, it starts with super agent Tom Condon, Chiefs president Carl Peterson, Chiefs tight end Jason Dunn and former Chiefs wide receiver Kevin Lockett, among others.

The honeymoon? It’ll be on hold, as Tony G will have to hustle off to training camp on July 26.

Anybody see anything wrong with this story? A “commitment ceremony”? WTF? You want the world to know that you love her and want to be with her for the rest of your life, but you don’t want to marry her? I’on get folks.

To me, it sounds like he came up with the perfect way to have his cake and eat it too. She wants a wedding and he doesn’t, so he’ll “commit” to her and then he can have all the benefits of a wife without any of the responsibilities. When he’s tired of her and wants a new model, he can just get rid of her, since there is no legal relationship to terminate. When he cheats on her, I’m sure she’ll hear “Who cares? Its not like you’re my wife anyway” or some derivative. While she’s at home playing Suzie Homemaker, cooking, cleaning and everything else, he knows that he can do whatever he wants, cause he’s a free man and she’s just playing into his game.

I must say, its pretty damn clever. How do you keep a woman that wants to be married when you know you don’t want to be? Boom! Commitment ceremony. Someone other than a football probably came up with this idea though…and good job to whoever did. I just feel for the stupid women who fall for this line. If you want A and he offers B, if its not A and you want A, then why do you accept B? That just means that you’ll never get A, which is the wedding and marriage that you really wanted, but you’ll have all the responsibilities of taking care of that man like you are his wife.

So in the end, ladies, we must be serious about what we want and expect, and we should hold fast to those values. Don’t give up on what you want and your dreams for that man, cause that’s probably not the man for you. I know love can be a bitch at times and make you think that the world will end if you aren’t with that man, but it won’t. You have to have self-love and self-respect, and if you think you deserve better, then demand better.

In the meantime, “congrats” to the happy couple?


5 Responses to "Sounds like a fakeout to me…."

I don’t know J. I don’t think his motives are automatically shady. There is a trend of Oprah and Steadman, Kurt and Goldie and Angelina and Brad couples out there. A commitment ceremony signifies a COMMITMENT. If ish were to hit the fan she’d have a lot more rationale for support than the above mentioned couples. Maybe being in the NFL made him cyncial, or maybe realistic. You come across real hostile in this post…why?Love ya!J

As ‘fake’ as it is… at least he won’t have to worry about getting screwed like Michael Strahan and ending up on the front page of the NY Post looking broke as hell, while she smiles her way to the bank…and maybe one day they’ll actually do the real thing…it is possible… prolly not likely though

I didn’t realize I was being so hostile. Maybe its because I find the idea of doing everything BUT making it legal stupid. Its not something I would agree to. As a woman, I see us (meaning women) give up on the things we want, because we want that particular man. I think it wouldn’t have bothered me if they had done an Oprah/Stedman or Goldie/Kurt and had just been together. But it was the need for a “ceremony” that made it seem like it was a half-assed attempt at giving her what she wanted without having to sign on the dotted line.

Jubi! Everything you said was on point. Formal ceremony in an untucked dress shirt and some random slacks. Is that the best man in jeans? Da fcuk?The last thing I need is for this crafty rich dude to inspire the regular guys to proposing a “formal commitment” to us regular chicks with sense. I’m so mad at this….

hey soror jubi! it’s tld221 from GC. thought i’d say hi since i’m new to this side of the blog thing.i dont have much to say about this HAM. i’m not exactly the leader of the marriage pep-rally, but i feel like he’s doing this for HER and not himself. if he doesnt want a legal binding commitment, why go through the drama of a ceremony? nowhere does he say he wants to spend his life with her. if he really wanted to, he wouldnt have said he wants to “pledge his love” to her. BS! pledge, oath, vows… all the same brothaman!but chicks out here are always looking for validation so… whatever man.

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