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I’m officially old

Posted on: July 10, 2007

And I’m actually ok with it. I made it to 25, and I feel so blessed to be here. Another year has come and gone and I’ve grown and matured and reached a totally different place in my life. I’m so glad that I haven’t stayed stagnant in my life.

So for the big 2-5 I decided to hit the road and head to Miami for the weekend. And of course my bestest friend in the real world LK came down from DC to help me celebrate. Two of my sorors, AL and LJ also came with. LK and I started the weekend early, since he flew in Thursday, and we went to see Transformers, which I liked a whole lot better than I thought I would…

Let me back up, first on 4th of July I hung out with a soror who had a cookout…fun times cause some Alpha neos were there….neos are so hilarious in general.

Ok, now back to the trip…I’m not going to rehash every detail, but here are the highlights:

*Drive down wasn’t too bad
*Hotel was nice, though I was thrown for a curveball because the room wasn’t paid for like I expected it to be….but if I don’t get my check I’mma throw a fit.
*Went to the mall, and I swear every chick in Miami walks around in 4 inch heels and full hair and makeup, with their bootys sticking out…that’s too much damn work….
*Got really drunk in South Beach, and apparently I cursed out LK, though I don’t remember it…I felt really bad when he told me though…
*Finally got to hit the beach…the water felt GREAT! The only thing that sucked was the amount of topless women, especially the woman with the horrible boob job…I mean, there were kids around, cover up you freaks!
*Miami was ridiculously hot and humid, it rained so much just from the humidity.
*We tried to go to BED but they wanted $30 a person so I threw them the deuces and went to Wet Willie’s…and there were some horrible men in the line behind us that kept talking shit and trying to touch us…
*Checked out an hour late cause I thought checkout was at 12, but it was 11
*Drive back was cool…
*Songs of the trip: “Bartender”, “Ay Bay Bay”, “International Playas”…..

All in all, a great weekend and way to ring in the next quarter century of my life.


2 Responses to "I’m officially old"

I’ve got five years on you, so if you ever refer to yourself as old in my company, I will kick you.Enjoy 25 as much as possible cause it can be a trip sometimes.Jeannie

Happy Belated Birthday, you sessy July Baby!You’re getting better with age like most of us. You know some of us are only adding more foolishness to our resume along with the age. What happened to gaining wisdom?Stay beautiful.

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