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Greek Weekend in Detail….

Posted on: June 25, 2007

So I’ve made it back from Atlanta….and here’s the details of the trip.

*Friday: Worked half the day (which really means I goofed off) and then headed home to wash and pack. Yeah, I’m a procrastinator. Headed to the airport and got on my flight on Spirit Airlines which was packed like a slaveship. Flight was pretty uneventful, the two men sitting next to me kept flapping their gums, but nothing I can’t handle. Got in and headed to Avis, who informed me I was a Preferred member (sweet!) and I headed to my car, which was running for me. They upgraded me to a SUV too. Hopped in and headed to my stylist’s spot in Riverdale and got lost. Finally made it and got my hair did, and it is fabulous! I got a relaxer (thank you baby Jesus!) and got my hair cut into layers, which really compliments my face. I was extremely happy with my hair. Hopped back in the SUV and headed to Buckhead to check into the hotel and change. Got cute and headed to Atlantic Station to meet up with some folks. Met some new folks, took pictures, had one drink, and then was out. I needed some rest.

*Saturday: Got up and hit Waffle House with DS, and then Wal-mart (I know, but I wasn’t driving all the way over to Target) for some picnic supplies. Made it over to the picnic about 1 PM and started mingling and snapping pics. It was hella hot outside so by the time the stroll competition started at 3:30 I was tired and hot and sweaty and sticky. I was very cute though, even though I was hot and tired. Couldn’t see not nar one stroll during the competition, thanks to all of the negros in attendance. Did pick up a cute baby tee. Finally rolled out around 5 even though I didn’t see all my folks. Hung out with CH at my hotel, got some food, and fooled around a bit (fun times, fun times). Finally looked at the clock and realized I was supposed to be getting dressed for the Kasino night. Got dressed (and was still extremely cute) and then picked up DS and headed to the venue. It was really nice, much bigger than last year. Took some pics, ate a little, walked around and did some gambling. Met some folks that I had been meaning to meet. Finally rolled out around 1AM cause my shoes were killing my feet, they hurt so bad. Headed back to the hotel, changed, and met the homies to go to Magic City, which turned out to be a bust, cause they wanted $60 to park 2 cars. So instead I wound up at JD’s new cafe, and the food wasn’t really on point. Finally made it back to my room at 4AM and got up at 8AM to make my flight.

*Sunday: Got up, checked out and headed to airport. Returned rental and hit the Spirit counter, to discover that they don’t have a self-checkout or a separate line for those not checking luggage. I wait in line and finally get to the counter at 9:20 (flight was at 10AM). Chick looks at me and says that I’m not on the flight, so I show her my boarding pass from Friday. Spirit cancelled my reservation cause they claimed that I didn’t take the flight. Apparently my boarding pass from their online check-in wasn’t acceptable proof to them. Everybody at that counter had 0 customer service and was looking at me like I was crazy for expecting them to help me. The Black supervisor chick was straight up not trying to help a sista, and I’m all distraught cause I gotta get home. Finally Black dude comes from the back, doesn’t speak to me, but somehow manages to get me on the flight. I run over to security, and the nice Black man helps me go to the front of the security line,and then I hop on the train and then run to the gate. I make it just in time and once again the plane is packed like its the Amistad. Got back to Orlando, hopped on the shuttle to the car and made it home. I was so happy to be home, I took a nap and then just chilled out. And then C came over later…..


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