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Reasons why living in the South sucks…AKA why Jubi hates living in the South…

Posted on: May 11, 2007

  • Most people have some type of ugly drawl or accent.
  • No art museums…at least no good ones.
  • 3 words: country and backwards.
  • No Jamba Juice *sad face*
  • Only one IKEA…and that’s 6 hours from me (though they are building one in Orlando, yay!).
  • Too many gold teeth.
  • Every guy has a big ass fake chain.
  • Every guy has those dreads…and I’on like dat.
  • Ugly ass Coogi sweaters (c’mon yall, even Detroit let those go).
  • Too many Mexicans who don’t speak English.
  • No interesting/cool/trendy/eclectic places to shop.
  • Where the hell are the cute eligible bachelors?!?!
  • Not a lot of opportunities for chemists.
  • No cute places to hang out and have drinks, except in select cities.

I’ll continue this list later….But you people get my drift.

Oh, and I’ve been in Madison all week…Glad to be off work for a week, but Madison isn’t a hot spot. Though I did get some Jamba Juice today (yay!) though I don’t know why I did, considering I’m just teasing myself since I can’t have it when I go back. That sucks.

I’ll be back in Orlando on Saturday, and I actually can’t wait.


3 Responses to "Reasons why living in the South sucks…AKA why Jubi hates living in the South…"

Ikea is coming to Tampa in like 2 mos!!!

*in my ATLspeak (and u know u miss it)*Ay, lil shawty! You need to back up offa da South, ya dig? You skrait trippin, folk.But for real, for real… Can you change the title to why Orlando sucks? All of the Atlanta men aren’t that bad. You’re just stuck down there with Mickey and Minnie.

i hate living in the south as well 😦 boo..the hubby is working on the PHD..and then we are OUTTA here!

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