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This is why I shouldn’t let my friends read my blog…

Posted on: April 29, 2007

From the comments:

Once again, you are settling for less than you are worth. Why would your feelings dissapate with the only man you feel you could settle down with right now? If you rekindle the friendship, you’ll just continue to see how fabulous he is and torture yourself with liking someone you can’t have.

I thought you weren’t going to live your life w/o regrets. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. How would you feel if 30 years from now you found out he was feeling you too? That’s a lot of wasted time.

Rejection is always a possiblity, but it’s also a possiblity that you could get the person you’ve always dreamed of.

He’s in China, no better time to put yourself out there than now. If you don’t get the answer you want, he’s in an entirely different continent. Good luck! – J

JM, I love you homie. And I appreciate the words. And you are so right. So am I being such a wuss? I’m so scared to verbalize how I feel about him. And it would kill me inside if he 1) said he didn’t like me like that, or 2) started dating someone else (providing that he isn’t dating someone right now and just hasn’t told me). My need to not have my feelings crushed is preventing me from putting it out there…How sucky is that?


2 Responses to "This is why I shouldn’t let my friends read my blog…"

You shouldn’t let sorors read your blog either…. What if you never, EVER find another man who makes you feel the way that “E” does? What if you could spare yourself all of the “What ifs” by just sucking it up and taking a shot? If it doesn’t work in your favor, then take some valuable nuggets of wisdom from the experience, and KIM. But he might feel EXACTLY the same way you do and was being scared, too. Dang, Jubi…..Look at it another way (and forgive me if I’m saying it wrong): when God closes a door, he opens a window. If this doesn’t work in your favor, there may be something around the corner (*gasp!* in Orlando) that’s as crazy for you as an astronaut in love…. But we’ll take that down about 10 notches. Don’t want complete astronaut love. 😉

*adds “sorors” to the list of folks not allowed to read my blog*You people just won’t let this go huh? Aight, I’ll give it some serious consideration…

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