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My fun weekend…

Posted on: April 3, 2007

This weekend I finally made it back to Atlanta, for the first time since I moved to Florida. I started my trip by driving up Friday morning. The drive started out well, though I should have brought a pillow, because my neck was getting sore. But once I got around Henry County, I was stuck in traffic for an hour! And no, there was no accident, just stupid people who don’t know how to drive. So I didn’t get to my hotel until 4:45.

I stayed at the Westin in the Perimeter, which was a very nice hotel. Room was very cute, though my bathroom was a little small. I got in, got some food from the hotel restaurant, and laid down for a few minutes since I was very tired. Slept for a little bit, and then I got up and got dressed to meet my friends at Strip in Atlantic Station. I was supposed to be there at 8:30, but I was a little late (like always).

Driving through the city was great, it felt so good to know all the roads, and to be on a real freeway. Anyway, I got to Atlantic Station and hooked up with J and R. We had a great time, even though my night started with this short dude with stanky breath trying to holla at me. Ugh. I also ran into my friends V and L, and it was nice to see them. So I got my sushi, and I was very happy to have it. At the sushi bar, we started talking to this guy who was sitting next to us, and he kept trying to convince us to go to the strip club with him and his friend….Ummm, no dude. Oh, and I also met a 41 year old…a cutie but a divorcee with kids…hmm…I wound up leaving at 1AM and then hit the sack…overall a good night.

Oh, my friend Q stayed in my room with me…I was happy to see him. Fun times.

Saturday I met up with JR and VS for lunch at Lenox. It was so nice to see my girls! We had some food and then did a little shopping. Then I spent a little time with my friend K, and did a little naila shopping. Oh, and I got my salad from Doc Greens, which was very good. By the time I knew it, it was time for the step show. I raced over to the GICC, and made it just before the show started.

The show was…interesting…to say the least. Everyone except the Ques stepped. I’m not gonna recap each performance, but I will say: The Phi Betas were scary in the silver paint, the Iotas got shafted, the Zetas show was weird, Deltas were smug as hell just they just knew they were gonna win, and everyone else (except the sorors) were boring. The sorors’ show was great, which is why they were the first place team! Congrats again to the sorors…

After the show I wound up waiting around and taking pics and stuff. We were supposed to go out but folks were taking too long so I left at 1:30AM and hit the sack. Sunday morning I got up, packed and had brunch with Q at Apres Diem. Good stuff. Then I hit the road and did the long drive back to Orlando. I got stuck in traffic again in Gainesville, thanks to an accident, and finally made it home at 7:45.

All in all a great weekend…I’m glad that I finally made it back to the city. I can’t wait for my next trip in June, for Greek picnic.

Oh, and I’ve decided that I’m going to do a big Vegas blowout for my birthday weekend…So I need to start planning now…


2 Responses to "My fun weekend…"

Glad to hear you had fun coming back here. mmmm Apres Diem…you’re making me hungry now. Like that little spot. Now ill have to head over there for Easter brunch.

Welcome to the next phase, Soror Jubi!I’m still glad that you were able to see me on stage with the other 8 sorors that made up the Sigma Squad.I didn’t care what the Deltas looked like on stage, but it’s interesting to hear the word “smug” when I knew I was humbly waiting to hear who won 2nd place. Your blog is looking good, soRHOr!

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